Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Extended – Nine Lives Gallery by Taz


Thursday was also the opening of the The ‘Extended’ show at Nine Lives Gallery on Winn Street featuring prints and the new season by Perks and Mini.

– T, take a look


Apartment – Elizabeth Street, Brisbane by Taz

Early 2006 if I am not mistaken Ben and Nick created Apartment and officially jump started the streetwear scene in Brisbane. They were one of the first to establish a store that catered to streetwear affacionados, and the 4000 got it’s first instore glimpse at many brands, some that were unattainable before they came along and even introduced modern classics such as FEIT.

As streetwear has evovled so did Apartment and true to their taste they are introducing brands and designers to Brisbane that have until now only been seen on blogs and webstores. Apartment is again setting the tone for modern streetwear with brands that represent simplicity, quality and attention to detail. It is admirable that they are bold enough to venture into the new, it is one of ‘the’ stores you must checkout if you’re in the 4000.

Update: Their webstore is now live!

– P4, Click the images, they become Uuuuge!

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