Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Today I’m wearing – Adidas ZX500 by Stu
June 15, 2011, 9:55 pm
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One of the best ZX500 colourways of recent years in my opinion.

– S, extra ZX after the click


Today I’m wearing – Adidas AZX ZX800 Kendo by Stu
June 14, 2011, 9:26 pm
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– S, more feet after the click

Today I’m wearing – Vintage Adidas Street Plus by Stu


First Project 4000 TIA post.  I was so excited when I got these vintage Street Plus that I put them on straight away and headed out to the pub, only to slip on some moss and mess them up big time.  Luckily, I was able to do a pretty solid clean up job on them and make them presentable again.

– S, take a look

May 26, 2011, 12:26 am
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Totally forgot to post this the other month when I watched it. Seeing it pop up on a few blogs reminded me. Quite an interesting story to be told here from a man that was doing the high fashion and sportswear collaboration thing years before anyone else was thinking about it and still remains to be one of the best at it.

– t

Adidas ClimaCool Ride by Taz
May 9, 2011, 12:57 pm
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CC-Ride-Hot-Pink CC-Ride-RedCC-Ride-GreenBlack

Interesting shoe with a promise of lots of ventilation but I will reserve judgment till I see them in person.

– T, typical electro sound tracked video beyond the flip

Footlocker Art Prize by Matt
April 6, 2011, 5:00 pm
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Foot Locker are taking on the coveted Archibald Prize in an attempt to make sneaker-based art recognised in the wider community. Apparently only 11% of people consider this to be a legitimate art form.

To combat this Foot Locker’s offering $50,001 (that’s $1 more than the Archibald Prize) to the winner of their competition. The concept is easy; colour in a sneaker and win some moolah! The trick is that you’ll have to compete with some of the country’s top artists… But don’t let that put you off! Grab an entry form in-store or via the website.

There’s 8 sneaker templates to choose from all the big brands; Nike, adidas, Puma and Converse to freak to your hearts content. Its a level playing ground for everyone, its about self-expression, customisation, doing your thing and getting that cash and bragging rights while you’re at it.

– P4, hit the jump to check the launch video and some examples…

twizzy’s Top Ten – 02.04.11 by Matt

I know it’s been a while. This Top Ten has changed a million times over the months but I’ve finally been able to get 10 things I like although some might be a bit old by now…

– t, read it!