Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

twizzy’s Top Ten – 05.06.11 by Matt

Shoes and flowery shirts dominate this one, but more important than questioning my sexuality is the fact that everything I’ve picked for this Top Ten is under $300. Perfect in these times of tight money.

– t, Through to the reasonably priced goodies…


twizzy’s Top Ten – 02.04.11 by Matt

I know it’s been a while. This Top Ten has changed a million times over the months but I’ve finally been able to get 10 things I like although some might be a bit old by now…

– t, read it!

Twizzy’s Top Ten – 09.11.10 by Matt

I can’t believe its been almost 5 months since my last Top Ten. It does however reflect my somewhat frustrated attitude to the market at the moment. It’s not that there isn’t enough decent product around, the problem seems to be me, I’m simply not getting excited about much anymore.

– t, seems I have written a fair bit this time ’round…

Twizzy’s Top Ten – 22.06.10 by Matt

I’ve been compiling this list literally for months. It’s taken a while but I’ve finally got 10 things I feel like sharing with you.

– t, read on…

Twizzy’s Top Ten – 02.04.2010 by Matt

With Taz currently en-route to Sydney (I had to stay back for work) I’ve found myself quite bored with nothing much to blog about. So my only reaction is to post up a new Top Ten. I’ve tried to include prices where possible to make it a little more… relevant? Be impressed dammit! This is also the first Top Ten in the new 640px wide format of the blog, so view in all the high(er) resolution glory.

– t, jump on over to see what tickles me fancy…

Twizzy’s Top Ten 16.03.2010 by Matt

I’m busy as hell this semester, so the blog takes the back seat while I’m finishing off my degree. Somehow I managed to find the time to get another Top Ten out though… Funny that…

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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 18.02.2010 by Matt

I tried to get this done before it passed my birthday, but I failed by 10 minutes. Please forgive me an read on…

– t

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