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Kalin Thompson Solo Show – Opening Night by Matt
December 4, 2010, 7:23 pm
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You may remember the Design a 574 competition we ran in the lead-up to the 2010 Swap & Cop. Well if you didn’t take notice, the guy who won it goes by the name of Kalin Thompson. What you might not have realised is Kalin is a bloody talented artist and last night saw the opening of his solo exhibition at Butter Beat on Brunswick St. With Taz on a mission of top secret nature, twizzy was left alone to brave the wilds of Friday night in the Valley.

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Nike Sportswear 2011 Winter Preview – Wrap up by Taz


This past week Nike Australia invited us to be a part of their Nike Sportswear Winter 2011 Preview, at the B2 Studios in sunny Sydney. We were one of the lucky few in Australia to see the new offerings from Nike Sportswear and more importantly all the latest from Nike Running.

We admit as both of us went into this event with some reservations, as we have grown weary of the continuous rehashing of current silhouettes to keep the ‘sneaker head’ happy. To our pleasant surprise the big swoosh came through with the goods as we were greeted with a giant wall of 2011 Lunar runners.

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Australasian Bike Polo Finals – Musgrave Park, West End by Taz

This past Sunday we headed down to Musgrave Park to check out the Australiasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship finals. Having rolled in late on the final day, we caught a semi-final and then the two final matches of the day. We don’t pretend to know much about bikes, but the formula for bike polo is simple: Bikes + Polo = Awesome. The vibe was great, plenty of people all out to have a great time and watch some good stacks. The fact that these guys and gals actually ride their bikes because they love it meant that the trendiness count was low, scars and bruises reigned supreme.

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Greazefest 2010 – Rocklea Showgrounds by Taz

2010-08-01-Greazefest-1-22010-08-01-Greazefest-25 2010-08-01-Greazefest-24 2010-08-01-Greazefest-62

This past weekend Rocklea Showgrounds was buzzing with greasers, hoodlums, foxy dames and other cliche terms for nostalgia freaks at the 2010 Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival. The weather was perfect and things were well underway by the time we arrived. Run over the whole weekend, Greazefest pays tribute to the golden age of rock and roll, and it’s refreshing to see so many people in one place all with such commitment to the style, these guys and gals really live the lifestyle. There was more brill cream than a barber shop and the ladies were looking fine.

It wasn’t just automotive porn on display, there were also some great little stalls selling vintage clothes and low brow art on the day, so those less automotively inclined needn’t be turned off. All in all it was a great day, and we can recommend checking it out next time the show rolls into town.

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Go Font Ur Self* by Taz
July 22, 2010, 9:59 pm
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If you are a fan of typography like us make your way down to the on going series of alphabet inspired art at Go Font Ur Self* at the Nine Lives Gallery in the Valley. I intentionally left out images from the event you have to go checkout the artwork yourself.

– T, ya dig!

JDM Style Tuning Meet Brisbane by Taz

2010-07-19-Car Meet-32010-07-19-Car Meet-7 2010-07-19-Car Meet-2 2010-07-19-Car Meet-11 2010-07-19-Car Meet-52010-07-19-Car Meet-4 2010-07-19-Car Meet-6 2010-07-19-Car Meet-10

After our escapades to the Core Series final on Sunday, last night we dropped by the monthly JDMST Brisbane meet to see what these guys get up to. Reports were that last time over 150 cars turned out, so expectations were high. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed with plenty of cars turning up. It’s nice to see there’s a move away from the candy paints, giant chrome wheels and airbrushing that seems to dominate the Australian scene. We didn’t bother taking too many shots because aside from there being plenty of guys that shoot all night, we’re still a grip on shooting in different settings.

Big thanks to Riley and Rory for making us feel welcome, and to all the guys and gals that grabbed some stickers cheers. I’m sure there were plenty of “what the…” reactions from those who found P4 stickers shoved under their windscreen wipers, but hey we’re shameless.

For more pics and future event info you can head to JDMST or check out Downshift Aus.

– P4

Apollo – Fusion Bar, Noosa by Taz
July 10, 2010, 12:08 am
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2010-07-09-Apollo-5 2010-07-09-Apollo-13 2010-07-09-Apollo-22010-07-09-Apollo-4 2010-07-09-Apollo-21 2010-07-09-Apollo-92010-07-09-Apollo-11 2010-07-09-Apollo-12 2010-07-09-Apollo-15

A few good dudes I know got together to form a new band called Apollo, I’m not well versed in my indie music but I did really enjoy attending their debut show at Noosa’s own crap shack of a bar now given a trendy name, Fusion. I think they are alluding to the fused smell of B.O. and V.B. soaked carpets, regardless of the venue these guys definitely put on a stellar show and I am sure they would like to thank all their friends who attended and a good time was had by all.

– T, more pictures inside and yes I’m back and I am putting a ban on hideous flyers!!