Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

About Our Project


Project 4000 was created with the sole intention of documenting and creating socially forward content. The site represents our daily activities, our generation and our own perspective.

The name spawned from various influences from Japanese anime to our interest in the space program, it just made sense to call it a Project, because we are constantly investigating, learning, experiencing and creating new things, or at least trying our best.

Our project is completely self driven and funded, anything we endorse is what we genuinely want to support.

Our Events:


Brisbane Swap & Cop has been running since 2007, it has now become the premier annual street culture, lifestyle and design event in Queensland. The event is supported by local businesses and artists and has been organised by ourselves since the beginning.

Our Videos:

To contact us you can email us on with queries and any information you want to share with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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