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Odd Future – Hifi Bar Brisbane by Taz

Bit of an admission I am not a fan perse I went to this concert purely to blog because I am a huge nerd and mostly because Odd Future has become such a cultural phenomenon and we rarely get gigs of this magnitude in Brisbane. It was really good fun, I properly enjoyed myself at this concert, watching all the fan boys loose their shit and meeting a bunch of cool kids,  good times. Apologies for the dodgy footage inside but they told me I would get in serious trouble if I took my rig in there, whatever its no biggie.

– T,

2011-06-05-Odd-22011-06-05-Odd-72011-06-05-Odd-32011-06-05-Odd-42011-06-05-Odd-52011-06-05-Odd-6SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


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a lot of the crowd looked like a bunch of herbs

Comment by vxcvxc

footage wasnt dodgy, their music is…..know one will remember them in a year…..

Comment by tylertheracist

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