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twizzy’s Top Ten – 05.06.11 by Matt

Shoes and flowery shirts dominate this one, but more important than questioning my sexuality is the fact that everything I’ve picked for this Top Ten is under $300. Perfect in these times of tight money.

– t,

1. Supreme x Liberty Shirt – $121

Anyone that knows me is aware that I’m not exactly a fan of Supreme. That’s not to say I don’t respect what they have done and continue to do, it’s just that I’m not fond of the hype that their loyal young followers seem to create over the smallest application of a box logo onto whatever they want. I actually did an article for the infamous site Don’t Believe the Hypebeast when it still existed years ago highlighting this point (which seems to have gotten worse). Anyway, regardless this shirt overcame the prejudices I have, especially the red version. Sadly it’s all sold out… As to be expected.

2. Vanquish x Ubiq Grace – $155

I’ve shown interest in the Ubiq Grace before and Vanquish took the silhouette to a nice new level by treating it with monotone neutral colours. My pick is the almost purple tinged grey version, although the sand suede is a classic as well.

3. Adam Kimmel Black Bandana Belt – $108

Adam Kimmel has been doing some really interesting things of late, one of which is the upcoming collection with Carhartt. Meanwhile he has been going strong with the current seasoned inspired by a young Snoop Dogg. This belt brings some hood flavour to high fashion in a pretty simple and effective way.

4. Mark McNairy TBS Country Brogue – $266

One of my favourite online menswear stores teams up with one of my favourite gentleman’s footwear designers to create one of my favourite sensible shoes in a long time; the TBS Country Brogue in Snuff Brown suede.

5. Our Legacy Great Sweat – $110

They named it the great sweat for a reason, and the weather isn’t going to get any more perfect than it is right now. This one comes highly recommended from a man I have a great deal of respect for; Gary Warnett.

6. Nike Free Run+ 2 – $85

Nike is still killing it with their modern runners. The newest Free model aptly named the Free Run+ 2 has a wicked shape to it and in the “hero” turquoise/orange colour scheme they look mighty fresh. Problems arise when you see how popular these are and that they’re basically selling out immediately to the point where they’re rarer than hen’s teeth.

7. Iuter Africa Tee – $66

I have a bit of an obsession with patterns, in particular camouflages that incorporate weird things, like for example a full array of safari dwelling animals over a plethora of cyan and yellow leaves… Awesome.

8. Saucony Fastwitch 5 – $90

We’ve seen a slew of modern silhoettes from adidas, Nike, New Balance and most of the other big names. Not all have been winners, but there are definitely some future classics floating around the market right now. The Saucony Fastwitch 5 has the potential to be slotted into that category, the shape looks wicked. One issue I have at the moment is that it’s only available in radioactively bright green and a predominantly white version as well. Would be interested to get these on my feet and see if they remain as nice looking once they’re on the move.

9. Herringbone Icarus Cocktail Shirt – $120

Taz knows that I’ve been eyeing off this shirt at Herringbone for a while. I always thought it was a perfect James May shirt, but I’ve never got around to picking it up. Thanks to Herringbone’s current winter sale the Icarus Cocktail Shirt is reduced to $120 (down from $200). Can’t go wrong with a floral liberty fabric.

10. Butter Steez Disease Tee – $60

The guys at Butter Goods have really hit on a good thing with their last few ranges. The current one has some great staples that you may have spotted when Taz posted it earlier on. Of all the pieces I think the Steez Disease is the winner, especially in the grey/red colour I’ve posted. Nice work boys!


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Matt, this is your best top ten to date.

Comment by andrewsgarden

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