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Best of Nike Running, Training & Sportswear by Taz

So when I visited the Spring Preview last week they gave me a few images of the upcoming season from the Running, Training and NSW range. I’ve only included the most interesting pieces, can’t really say much more than.

– T,


These are the new range of Air Max Hyper Fuse range, I think these will be rather hit and miss for traditional sneaker heads but let me see if I can make a case for these. First of all the thing you should know about the Fused line of footwear and clothing that often gets unmentioned with all the bs jargon is how bloody clean it is.

Nike Air Max 87 Hype Fuse Men’s
2011-06-03-Nike Stock-12

By clean I mean, the laser cut panels fused together form very sharp lines with no stitching and no disgusting glue stains. The feel of the shoe completely changes, its hard to describe without trying it in on. You may also notice the shape of the shoes are really nice, its because laser cutting and fusion is a much more predictable and precise process than curing glue and stitching, so quality control is much easier.

Nike Air Max 90 Hype Fuse Men’s Nike Air Max 90 Hype Fuse Women’s
2011-06-03-Nike Stock-11 2011-06-03-Nike Stock-14

Lets face it the colourways are pretty fucking disgusting the exception being the women’s Nike Air Max 90 Hyper Fuse, lets hope they get their shit together soon, if not I am always happy to help. All the Hyper Fuse Air Max’s I have included are a part of the NSW range so availability is going to limited to boutiques that have the balls to order it.

The new free runs are dope, I saw Woody rocking a pair at Carbon they sit really nicely not so banana shaped like they are pictured. Just a few new colourways for the coming season, these are usually available at sports stores.

Nike Free Run+ 2 Men’s Nike Free Run+ 2 Women’s
2011-06-03-Nike Stock-4 2011-06-03-Nike Stock-7

I actually bought a pair of Nike Women’s Free TR Fit for my mama not so long ago and nothing but positive reviews from her so far, its a really good looking shoe there are some really nice colours out already, saw the girls are Nike rocking some dope Purple/Black joints.

2011-06-03-Nike Stock-1

Nike Free TR Fit Women’s

Not really sure where the hell this model (below) came from but they are kind of interesting, I have no additional details about except they are called the Nike Free Zilla TR, they are kind of weirdly attractive, I think the colourway has a lot to do with it.

2011-06-03-Nike Stock-2

Nike Free Zilla TR Men’s

These mid cut boots are like ACG 2.0, basically the same laser cut fused treatment as the rest of the lunar range on a rugged shoe for rougher terrains, introducing the Nike Lunar Elite Trail Men’s, they have a fantastic shape in person and fit extremely well these have to be the best colourway to date, just a shocking stock photo.

2011-06-03-Nike Stock-10

Nike Lunar Elite Trail Men’s


Moving on so you may have notice there was a lack of clothes in my previous post because I wasn’t too arsed on taking photos, but there are a  few interesting pieces in the throughout the ranges.

NSW Tech Pack M65 Running Storm Fly Jacket 2.0
2011-06-03-Nike Stock-16 2011-06-03-Nike Stock-5
NSW stuff is always cool, super techy, extremely well made and pricey, but well worth it. Really dig the colour on this jacket could make for a cool riding jacket for you bike sports kids.
NSW Wind Runner Women’s Running Vapour Jacket
2011-06-03-Nike Stock-15 2011-06-03-Nike Stock-9
Just a nice colour for spring. A cool jacket for the girls, but doubt these will be a seller.


2011-06-03-Nike Stock-3

Varsity Girls Medium Duffel


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