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New New – Feit Moc Chukka XRay Ox Blood by Taz
May 16, 2011, 6:17 pm
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The Price brothers keep knocking it out of the park, with hit after hit, these are no exception, Feit bros you’ve done it again!

– T,

I was a sneakers or nothing kind of guy had epic issues with wearing formal shoes speacially cause I have problem feet but Feits are just good, I don’t even know how to explain it they are just good not a very profound statment but its the truth nonetheless. The fit and comfort is excellent, the leather is a bit hard at the moment but I have found it softens with wear and darkens and looks better a bit dirtier. This is my third pair of Mocs by Feit the Black Camel ones are my favorite they’ve been on heavy rotation. These ones are gonna get a lot of loving this winter!

2011-05-16-FMCX-4 2011-05-16-FMCX-6 2011-05-16-FMCX-72011-05-16-FMCX-92011-05-16-FMCX-11 2011-05-16-FMCX-122011-05-16-FMCX-102011-05-16-FMCX-17 2011-05-16-FMCX-152011-05-16-FMCX-16 2011-05-16-FMCX-192011-05-16-FMCX-18


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