Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Carbon – Forums Day Two by Taz

This was the final day of what has been one of my most memorable weekends documenting, a sensory overload to say the least. I won’t say much more than just please watch the video repost it, share it. Be there when these kinds of things happen because you get more than just a lecture you get to meet some down ass people.

– T,

I just want to thank Andrew, Alex, PJ and the rest of team Acclaim for letting me come along, Homies for opening his studio/home to me and for being the best/worst tour guide, Uncle Hans for being the man, Mafia for just being positive can learn a lot from her, Up There crew for making it big, Chooee Hwang from Streething who I am pretty sure is my long lost brother, Ben and Charlyn from Singpapore, Laced boys for always putting up with my shit and last but not least so much love for Stuart Arrowsmith for coming with me, just being a good friend and being up for this great mission.

2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-222011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-1 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-22011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-3 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-4 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-52011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-62011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-7 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-8 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-92011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-122011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-102011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-112011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-142011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-152011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-192011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-20 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-182011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-24 2011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-252011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-262011-05-01-Carbon Day 2-21


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