Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Sunshine Coast BMX Club – Meet Up by Taz


Friend of the project and all around top cat, and curator of the aptly named Old School Bmx Blog, James invited me along to a BMX swap meet in my own neck of the woods in the rainy sunny Sunshine Coast. Everybody got a chance to ride around the track, collectors got to floss their prized possessions and pickup some bargains. A fun day of ducking under tents from the rain and geeking out on bikes and it was nice to meet the founder of OzBmx.

– T,

2011-03-27-BMX-1 2011-03-27-BMX-32011-03-27-BMX-6 2011-03-27-BMX-92011-03-27-BMX-13 2011-03-27-BMX-162011-03-27-BMX-19 2011-03-27-BMX-21 2011-03-27-BMX-222011-03-27-BMX-23 2011-03-27-BMX-25 2011-03-27-BMX-462011-03-27-BMX-32 2011-03-27-BMX-37 2011-03-27-BMX-41 2011-03-27-BMX-422011-03-27-BMX-27 2011-03-27-BMX-342011-03-27-BMX-29 2011-03-27-BMX-35 2011-03-27-BMX-442011-03-27-BMX-31 2011-03-27-BMX-52 2011-03-27-BMX-53 2011-03-27-BMX-542011-03-27-BMX-49 2011-03-27-BMX-47 2011-03-27-BMX-482011-03-27-BMX-57 2011-03-27-BMX-58 2011-03-27-BMX-60 2011-03-27-BMX-622011-03-27-BMX-61 2011-03-27-BMX-63 2011-03-27-BMX-59

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Fantastic photos,love your work.
Chhers Glynn

Comment by Glynn Hicks

Wow, it is so much better looking at photos through the eyes of a photographer. Great stuff.

Comment by Brett O'Donnell

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