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Donuts that Wont Make You Fat… by Matt
January 9, 2011, 6:55 pm
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Earlier this week I bought myself a case of Kidrobot Yummy Donut mini hangers, I saved opening them until a time when I was super bored. Today’s weather is attrocious so I deemed in a suitable time to whip open my dozen little buddies.

If like me you want to fill your life with plush baked goodness you can get your fix while there’s some left at Laced. Get them while they’re fresh!

– t,

Here they are pre-opening, looking all cute in their individual little donut bags.

Then the fun part…

Hardest thing with these seems to be thinking up a way to display them. I’m considering cutting off the little tags and bungie cords so they turn into tiny plush toys. I’ll mull it over before doing it though.

OM NOM NOM NOM… (not really)

They’re dwarfed by the 12″ cushions, which in turn are outclassed by the 24″ (which are too big if I’m going to get the whole Yummy Breakfast set for the couch).

Well that wasted a few minutes anyway.

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