Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

New from FEIT by Matt
December 21, 2010, 10:44 am
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Its been a busy lead-up to Christmas for the guys over at FEIT, lets see what they’ve got coming up over the next few months…

– t,


I’ve been rocking my black Kudu Reverse Stitchdowns for a minute now, and I can tell you that the comfort factor is off the chain. One little detail what I really admired on them was the “non-reverse” heel cap, that is to say the leather was left face side up to show all the scaring that the Kudu acquired during its life. The guys at FEIT seemed to share this feeling as now they’ve put the Stitchdown out with the whole shoe treated like this. Available in Black (35 Pairs) or Midnight (35 Pairs) with lush brown accents or straight Blue and Grey (Seems I missed these two the first time I posted this). I cannot praise these any higher. $305 shipped on pre-order.

Whilst there’s a few quite nice shoes in the newest jumbo issue of Sneaker Freaker, there is one shoe that stands out to me as being the most interesting. No surprises when I tell you the shoe comes from the Aussie brand FEIT. What really grabbed my attention is the fact that this is a collaboration with New York based brand Outlier. This name became familiar to us some time late last year, when we saw what they were doing with the unique shirt they had created to better suit the way riders are positioned when blasting around town on a track bike.

That same sort of ethos has been carried over to the Supermarine, a shoe developed specifically to cater to the avid rider who wants a shoe they can wear on and off the bike without too much compromise on either front. Whilst all of the big companies are having a shot at this current concept, I don’t think any of them are anywhere near what Outlier and the FEIT boys have produced. You can read the whole back story behind this project and the shoe it produced now on Sneaker Freaker’s site.

You can check out some of Outlier’s range at our buddies over West End way at Gear.

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Hey Matt,

How do the Kudu’s go for size. Would you suggest to go a size down?

Comment by Cater

I took them in a 10 and they are roomy but not too big, I don’t know if I would suggest sizing down but they would stretch out with wear for sure.

Comment by twizzy

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