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Kalin Thompson Solo Show – Opening Night by Matt
December 4, 2010, 7:23 pm
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You may remember the Design a 574 competition we ran in the lead-up to the 2010 Swap & Cop. Well if you didn’t take notice, the guy who won it goes by the name of Kalin Thompson. What you might not have realised is Kalin is a bloody talented artist and last night saw the opening of his solo exhibition at Butter Beat on Brunswick St. With Taz on a mission of top secret nature, twizzy was left alone to brave the wilds of Friday night in the Valley.

– P4,

The detail and time put into every one of Kalin’s pieces is truly astonishing. Talking with the man really made me appreciate how much passion he has for what he’s doing. Not only is the guy talented but he has a smart head on his shoulders and knows what he needs to be doing. We at P4 really wish Kalin all the best because we would love nothing more than to see a (now) Brisbane based artist taking over the world. Now for the pics…

Tools of the trade… That tiny brush is used to make those minute hairline strokes. Amazing!


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killa works!!!!
big up from 7sta.

Comment by sam horn

epic. Kalin killing it.

Comment by KID9

amazing stuff

Comment by riley

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