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twizzy’s Borin’ Mornin’ 2.0 by Matt
December 3, 2010, 10:56 am
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If I’m honest last night was pretty depressing, basically I sat at home and did nothing. I did however find a notice of attempted delivery at my door when I arrived in the house. This puzzled me because I didn’t have anything on the way. I assumed that it was addressed to me by my out-of-country roomy, in an attempt to have me do the post office running in her absence. Little did I know the package was mine…

– t,

The day started with a text message that informed me the package I was to pick up was indeed mine, and a gift from New Balance. I sprung to life at the ungodly hour (for me anyway) of 8:30am… Before I leaving my room I had to check out my newest acquisition; some adidas EQT Supports from 2006, not the upcoming retro. Big thanks to Brendan at Up There for letting me take them from his busy hands, and Jason for delivering them while he is in town. If you’re chasing the new retro of these they’ll be stocked at Laced next year. You heard right, they’re coming to Australia!

So once I had awoken properly I headed out to get some breakfast, but not before snapping a shot of my newly christined FEIT Elk Suede Superclean Lows, which had a pretty rough night last week but they kinda look better for it. These things are so soft you can’t even begin to comprehend it without seeing them in person, seriously people need to recognise the awesome stuff these boys are doing right in our own backyard!

After consuming said bland weety goodness (I need a boring baseline to start the day) I grabbed the bare essentials and headed off for the post office. Even though it’s an overcast day I can’t head out without protecting my eyeballs, I chose to do so with my favourite pair of sunnies at the moment; Dita Avocet. As with all Dita, any frame can be ordered specifically for you through Laced.

On my feet were some nice powder blue 576s, due out next year I believe they’re actually really nice. Not a colour I necessarily would have bought for myself, these were a gift from NB Australia and I’m glad I have ’em. Staying true to NB’s roots, good quality simple shoe. Denim is by Noir as well, love them too.

Shameless plug shot!

So anyway, I basically sprint to the post office to pick up my package. On the way home I’ve already worked out it’s a shoe box and it’s considerably lighter than what you would expect. So my mind starts racing through the possibilities, it feels like so it’s probably not UK made but what could it be? I open the end of the package and see this staring back at me…

Now being the NB nerd that I am, immediately seeing this code I knew exactly what I had and what the colourway was. So I was ecstatic! For the less nerdy the following image should help…

Yep it’s the shoe that I so shamelessly ranted about not all that long ago, a shoe that in my opinion is better than most of the new tech shoes anyone else is making; the New Balance 890. In the most rockable colourway to boot! They also come with a custom 1-off bespoke hand made message, take that Yukuten!

To sum up, today already rules. If Nike is reading this, quite clearly you don’t know how to get on my good side whereas NB obviously does. On a more serious note, thanks to the folks at NB for sorting these out because I actually do care about what’s going on in the sneaker scene and to actually have the opportunity to wear some stuff that hasn’t hit the shelves yet is awesome. I even got home just before it rained… awesome.

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Comment by Brendan

Great story mate, I’m very jealous! You’ll have to do some on-foot snaps of the 890s

Comment by Daz

Were these the ones breno was selling?

Comment by Funke

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