Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Laced Presents Mad Steez – The Family by Taz
October 25, 2010, 5:00 pm
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Laced Party-01

To mark their fourth year in the game the Laced crew threw one massive party to celebrate and to give a shit load of love back to their regulars. They gave away a ton…A TON! Of sneakers, tees, shorts, caps, stickers, toys, sunglasses and even some unreleased sneakers! All thanks to the huge list of supporters. It was indeed a mad night much love goes out to The Vangarde,  Mafia and Hans who flew up for the occasion and the Laced crew for all the hard work. It was also great to catch up with the Deep Surface guys, who always know how to have a good time.

There ain’t no party like a Laced party, time to rest up until the next one.

– P4,

2010-10-23-Laced Party-31 2010-10-23-Laced Party-29 2010-10-23-Laced Party-28 2010-10-23-Laced Party-27 2010-10-23-Laced Party-26 2010-10-23-Laced Party-25 2010-10-23-Laced Party-24 2010-10-23-Laced Party-23 2010-10-23-Laced Party-22 2010-10-23-Laced Party-32 2010-10-23-Laced Party-21 2010-10-23-Laced Party-20 2010-10-23-Laced Party-19 2010-10-23-Laced Party-18 2010-10-23-Laced Party-17 2010-10-23-Laced Party-16 2010-10-23-Laced Party-15 2010-10-23-Laced Party-14 2010-10-23-Laced Party-13 2010-10-23-Laced Party-12 2010-10-23-Laced Party-11 2010-10-23-Laced Party-10 2010-10-23-Laced Party-9 2010-10-23-Laced Party-8 2010-10-23-Laced Party-7 2010-10-23-Laced Party-6 2010-10-23-Laced Party-5 2010-10-23-Laced Party-4 2010-10-23-Laced Party-3 2010-10-23-Laced Party-2 2010-10-23-Laced Party-1 2010-10-23-Laced Party-30


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spewin i couldnt make this :( stupid uni

looks like you were having fun guys.. didnt go to the EOMM tonight either, hopefully catch up at the november one.

Comment by riley

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Awesome weekend guys. Here’s a video we compiled from our gig at The Family…


Comment by Rust

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