Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

“These Artists” Opening – Seventh Circle Studios by Taz


Seventh Circle Studios hosted the first solo show of photographer Nicole Reed, in an exhibition titled “These Artists”, which featured portraits of some of the most renowned tattoo artist in the world. Thanks to James and Loz for inviting us along and Nicole for a lovely chat, make sure to drop by Seventh Circle to checkout the exhibition while they are up!

– P4,

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Dream Team After Party 

A short drive to food haven aka Sunnybank Hills for our obligatory visit to Little Singapore for Roti’s, Nasi Goreng and Lamb Curry, then across the road to the Snooker Centre for a few rounds of 8-Ball and then a desert course of Buttermilk Pancakes at the BNE landmark 24 Hour Pancake house on Charlotte Street.

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