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Twizzy’s Beef: New Balance “All in a Day’s Work” Ad by Matt
September 28, 2010, 4:56 pm
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First of all, thanks to T for making me aware of this “thing” that New Balance USA has created. Apparently not happy with flooding the markets with pointless packs and disgusting colourways New Balance has now decided they want to be “hip hop” and get down with the kids in the “hood”, or so it seems.

– t,

To do this they have enlisted the help of DJ Mars, who is apparently a NB enthusiast. From what I can see his enthusiasm spreads as far as a few boxes peppered among the mountains of Nike, with everything looking more like a freebie than something you would actually have to go and find. Apparently his dog is just as much of a New Balance enthusiast as well.

I have no idea why the 992 is featured so heavily, forgetting that this model is now outdated, why would you need to promote a shoe that is worn by basically every third person in the US (including people much more famous than DJ Mars). No self respecting New Balance enthusiast would be seen dead in straight grey 992s, for that same god damned reason! I’m not saying they aren’t a good shoe, but c’mon even the navy/yellow 993s (the NEW model) is better looking. Lets not mention the oodles of corny tag lines that you can tell have been spoon fed to Mars (“latest trends”? C’mon!), or the fact that he seems to not actually mention New Balance. The final point doesn’t count as being discreet when the whole video is full of NB product that is named in full every chance they get.

I must ask New Balance, have you no self respect? For a company that seems to pride itself on continuing traditions and remaining close to the core principles it was founded on you seem to be grasping at straws to get the cool kids to like you. Truth is New Balance, people liked you because you weren’t doing that. I think it’s time to face the facts and realise that you’re never going to be cool New Balance, you never have and never will. I’m not saying that people wont buy your lifestyle product, or that you wont make some stuff that is considered “cool” by some, but as a company New Balance has to remain that “old man runners” brand because really that’s what you are. In the same way I ranted about buying something new and cited ACG as a brand that remained true to itself and was still picked up, because it wasn’t “cool”.

The New Balance enthusiast isn’t like someone who goes in and buys Nike Airs, they don’t walk in and go “dope I’ll take them”. They’re usually quieter, much whiter (not saying only black people buy Airs, just that NB fans usually are more of the indoors type), they’ll probably spend a bit more time looking over their shoes, and to be honest they probably will be generally dull people to be around. But that’s what New Balance is! It’s the “thinking man’s” shoe, it’s the type of brand that harbours the type of buyer that will sit down and consider the types of materials put into their shoe and how well it’s made. To then go and market your crappy chinese made product by way of cliche hip hop endorsements you’re basically saying “look we can be down with the kids, we’re so in with the hip-hop and rap singers” .

To New Balance I say: Grow up, you’re too old for this shit.*

*I will mention the following things:

1. I’m a huge New Balance nerd and it’s probably why I’m so bitter and jaded in regards to this video. I make no apologies for ruining your day with my opinion though, suck it up. If me thinking that my opinion would matter to you enough to ruin your day annoys you then get over it, you read this far so you obviously do care.

2. New Balance Australia was involved in the last Swap & Cop in case you forgot or were ignorant to that fact, however I stand by my ranting. I’m certain we could make an ad with more dignity than this.

3. I have nothing against DJ Mars, just that this video involved him. I’m sure he has been a NB fan but the way he comes across is incredibly lame. I put this down to NB’s part, or more accurately whoever NB paid to make this ad.


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I have a Black & Red NB tee that would go nicely with his 575s, It reads ‘Endorsed By No-One’ on the back ha

Comment by Daz

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