Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000


We headed out to the JDMST monthly meet to check out what had gone on since we were last there. Once again there were plenty of cars representing the home of technology and anime, with some Euros and a lone HQ Commodore thrown in for good measure. The caliber of rides seemed to be higher than last time, with many more ‘complete’ cars. There were also a few awesome looking beaters, sporting scratches and dents from being used and abused like a performance car should.

Our picks for the night were a metallic brown Toyota Chaser, an awesome black Nissan Cube, the Toyota Corona on reverse mesh’s, the same red MX5 from last time and the infamous ‘S2K’ Honda S2000, especially in its Jamboree edition ride height.

– P4,

Click the pics for a bigger version. Cheers to the guys at DownshiftAus for hosting the event, you’ll be able to head over there to get a bunch more shots.


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Hey guys, come say hi at the next meet on Sunday, been intending to meet you all..


Comment by Matyi

Hey is there any of the blue s14?

Comment by josh

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