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Australasian Bike Polo Finals – Musgrave Park, West End by Taz

This past Sunday we headed down to Musgrave Park to check out the Australiasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship finals. Having rolled in late on the final day, we caught a semi-final and then the two final matches of the day. We don’t pretend to know much about bikes, but the formula for bike polo is simple: Bikes + Polo = Awesome. The vibe was great, plenty of people all out to have a great time and watch some good stacks. The fact that these guys and gals actually ride their bikes because they love it meant that the trendiness count was low, scars and bruises reigned supreme.

– P4,

Brisbane managed to get a team into third place, but the final was all out-of-towners with Melbourne playing off against the Halfsleeve shirt wearing Sydney-siders (a crowd favourite). In the end though, even a blow to the face couldn’t stop Melbourne from take out the top gong. The real winners on the day though were the retards from Fixie GC, taking out the coveted "people’s choice" award, basically one step up from a participation ribbon. To the boys we salute you, mediocrity is king! Huge shout out to the teams that came from all over Australia to play in these finals, a total of 18 teams competed which is awesome. We hear next year Perth’s hosting. Cheers to the guys from Gear and BOgear as well as all the other tournament sponsors, head over to Bike Polo Aus’s site to get the full list.


Once we had our fill of dudes’ butts on tiny seats, we headed into West End to grab some eats, only to find that the West End Festival was wrapping up. We battled against the flow of people and spotted a ramp sporting the sign of Ride On, another one of the shops we worked with for the last Swap & Cop. Nice work guys!

After driving around Brisbane, heading to Portside for some Movenpick ice cream (Maple Walnut is insane) and dropping in to see Gavin Boyd at Cloudland we succumbed to the allure of Char Siu Pork from Little Hong Kong at Sunnybank. Before filling ourselves with barbecued pork, we dropped by a pool hall where Taz showed what years of having nothing better to do than playing pool can do for your game. Twiz won the last game by default and a win counts no matter how it comes!

Having done our share of exercise for the day, we then rewarded ourselves with a plate full of glistening pork and some dry beef and tendon hot pot, capping off a fine day indeed.


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