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Brisbane Swap & Cop 2010 – Event Recap by Taz


This past weekend Bleeding Heart Gallery was raided by sneaker heads, artists, collectors, and all round hustlers for the latest edition of the Brisbane Swap & Cop. A day filled with rare gems, exclusive looks, public debuts, bargains, competitions and giveaways, the 4000 turned the damn thing out.

– P4,

There were first time exclusive looks at 2011 offerings from all the big brands including New Balance, Adidas Skateboarding, Asics, Reebok, Supra, DC Shoes and Nike. Brisbane Swap & Cop also saw the world debut of Sneaker Freaker Issue 19, what looks to be the best issue this year. Laced Brisbane held the final round of the Adidas “If The Shoe Fits” competition and the crowd went bananas for some free kicks.

We had the first Australian appearance of the hand made sneaker brand Veam straight outta France. The highly contested Design A 574 Competition came to its conclusion as finalist were announced judged by ourselves and the head of New Balance Lifestyle Australia, ten finalist were up for public vote to decide the ultimate winners.

Its hard to write something eloquent about such a mad rush day, but it was our best Swap & Cop to date and  everyone had damn good time, we had a lot going on, and we are already planning on another one this coming summer so stay tuned for more!

We would like to thank the following people for their support and participation

| New Balance | Laced Brisbane | Sneaker Freaker | Ride On BMXFuel Clothing |

| Gear Brisbane | Sneak and Destroy | Level Three | Bleeding Heart Gallery | in4mation |

| Brisbane Outdoor Gear | Trainers | DVNT Clothing | Hell Yeah Magazine | Saint Side |

| Adidas | Asics | Reebok | Nike | Supra | DC Shoes | Deep SurfaceKid9 | One Bottle |

A special personal thank you to Kylie and Stu for all the help on the day!

2010-09-11-Swap-1 SONY DSC SONY DSC2010-09-11-Swap-3 2010-09-11-Swap-42010-09-11-Swap-164 2010-09-11-Swap-6 2010-09-11-Swap-332010-09-11-Swap-8 2010-09-11-Swap-163 SONY DSC2010-09-11-Swap-10 2010-09-11-Swap-12 2010-09-11-Swap-152010-09-11-Swap-11 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-13 SONY DSC SONY DSC2010-09-11-Swap-20 2010-09-11-Swap-17 2010-09-11-Swap-192010-09-11-Swap-18 2010-09-11-Swap-21 2010-09-11-Swap-22 SONY DSC SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-25 2010-09-11-Swap-26 2010-09-11-Swap-27 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-29 2010-09-11-Swap-30 2010-09-11-Swap-31 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-66 2010-09-11-Swap-34 2010-09-11-Swap-35 2010-09-11-Swap-362010-09-11-Swap-37 2010-09-11-Swap-38 2010-09-11-Swap-39 2010-09-11-Swap-40 2010-09-11-Swap-41 2010-09-11-Swap-42 2010-09-11-Swap-432010-09-11-Swap-45 2010-09-11-Swap-46 2010-09-11-Swap-47 2010-09-11-Swap-48 2010-09-11-Swap-49 2010-09-11-Swap-50 2010-09-11-Swap-512010-09-11-Swap-55 2010-09-11-Swap-53 2010-09-11-Swap-542010-09-11-Swap-56 2010-09-11-Swap-57 2010-09-11-Swap-58SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC2010-09-11-Swap-64 2010-09-11-Swap-65 2010-09-11-Swap-992010-09-11-Swap-67 2010-09-11-Swap-682010-09-11-Swap-69 2010-09-11-Swap-70 2010-09-11-Swap-71 2010-09-11-Swap-72 2010-09-11-Swap-73 2010-09-11-Swap-74 2010-09-11-Swap-752010-09-11-Swap-76 2010-09-11-Swap-77 2010-09-11-Swap-78 2010-09-11-Swap-792010-09-11-Swap-81 2010-09-11-Swap-80 2010-09-11-Swap-822010-09-11-Swap-83 2010-09-11-Swap-84 2010-09-11-Swap-852010-09-11-Swap-86 2010-09-11-Swap-87 2010-09-11-Swap-88 2010-09-11-Swap-89 2010-09-11-Swap-91 2010-09-11-Swap-95 2010-09-11-Swap-92 2010-09-11-Swap-93 2010-09-11-Swap-96 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-120 2010-09-11-Swap-100 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-1022010-09-11-Swap-103 2010-09-11-Swap-104 2010-09-11-Swap-105

2010-09-11-Swap-106 2010-09-11-Swap-107 2010-09-11-Swap-108 2010-09-11-Swap-1092010-09-11-Swap-110 2010-09-11-Swap-1112010-09-11-Swap-112 2010-09-11-Swap-113 2010-09-11-Swap-1142010-09-11-Swap-115 2010-09-11-Swap-116 2010-09-11-Swap-140 2010-09-11-Swap-52 2010-09-11-Swap-1172010-09-11-Swap-118 2010-09-11-Swap-119 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-122 SONY DSC SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-125 2010-09-11-Swap-126 SONY DSC SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-132

2010-09-11-Swap-135 SONY DSC 2010-09-11-Swap-137 2010-09-11-Swap-138 2010-09-11-Swap-139 2010-09-11-Swap-154 2010-09-11-Swap-143 2010-09-11-Swap-144 2010-09-11-Swap-1452010-09-11-Swap-146 2010-09-11-Swap-147 2010-09-11-Swap-1482010-09-11-Swap-149 2010-09-11-Swap-150 2010-09-11-Swap-1532010-09-11-Swap-151 2010-09-11-Swap-152 2010-09-11-Swap-154 2010-09-11-Swap-155 2010-09-11-Swap-1562010-09-11-Swap-157 2010-09-11-Swap-1582010-09-11-Swap-161 2010-09-11-Swap-159 2010-09-11-Swap-160


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EPIC post ….. and event…..awesome day

Comment by G

great event guys, had a dope day. looking forward to the next one! thanks again for your support.

Comment by KID9

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