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Gourmet presents Quattro Skate in NYC by Taz
September 5, 2010, 1:41 am
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Ever since the first season of Jordan inspired silhouettes I have always been intrigued by Gourmet, dunno really what to make of them. I like their design aesthetic, but don’t know anything about how they are made or where, what the thought pattern is behind the work. Should all this information even be a factor? Should it even make a difference?

Take for instance this past week Twiz informed me that my Dita Grand Masters, actually takes some Japanese dude 12 months to create by hand. That day I came home and actually found the box and placed them in there instead of just throwing them on my bedroom floor like I do everyday, but when I bought them I just copped it because they just looked so damn good.

Shit when I was younger I was happy to even get a pair of And1’s as long as I knew no other kid in school had the same shits on, I was straight stuntin. But now I do give a shit where shit is made, quality of materials and workmanship matters, it is because I choose to buy smart, I buy less, I appreciate more, and end of the day what’s most important is if it looks good right?

– T, cool looking shoe and a equally cool video


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as a skater you dont care where your shoes are made or value the craftsmanship behind them when you know they are gonna be dead after a month of solid skating. this shit is a joke the shoes look average at best to skate in and the promo is specifically designed to target the kids who buy skate brands but dont skate.


Comment by james

Not everyone is blessed with such insight.


Comment by Taz

trying to make a skate shoe without even having a skate team? right…….

this is about as good as the yums venture into the skate market

Comment by james

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