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The Munny Competition – Laced, Brisbane by Taz

2010-08-19-Munny Comp2-1 When?…Last night…Where? Laced Brisbane, What went down? Probably the most insane gathering of toy customizers going head to head in the The Munny Money Competition, for prizes and all out glory. Almost two years after the original competition this year marks a ginormous step up in creativity, execution and craftsmanship. Brisbane kids turned the damn thing out and tricked it up to a new level, everything from embedding lights, carving cavities, to executing super detailed paint jobs and creating props from scratch.

I need not say anymore you need jump your ass into the pictures and checkout the insanity. Thanks to the guys at Laced for letting yours truly to be part of the judging panel accompanied by vintage toy extraordinaire James Straker and graffiti legend Sofles.

– P4,

Thanks to the sponsors for the prizes which included hats and clothing by Miskha, jewelry by Zoe Mou, limited edition G-Shock’s, 2010 Munny’s by Kid Robot, clothing by WeSC, Gravis back packs and Upper Playground t-shirts, some of the prizes pack were damn near 2g’s so everyone bought their A game.

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-1

This was a well deserved first place, everything about this was theme appropriate, from the tattoos, the liquor bottles with actual swishing liquid inside, the mic stand, the red underwear, the cigarette, the hair piece, the flowers, the dress, everything was just together made for a knockout entry.

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-2 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-3 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-4 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-5

This came very close to taking the top spot, the sheer quality and execution of work here was outstanding almost looks like a limited edition you could easily be lining up for right now. What can I say me and Twiz were both floored by the perfection of the of ray gun, the backpack with all its details and wires, the accompanying props again made this entry extraordinarily hard to judge.

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-6 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-7 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-8

This was a unanimous third place as all of us judges immediately recognized the sheer brilliance of this entry, you are probably thinking “I could do that!”, but guess what that is exactly the point, everyone is gonna go home after seeing this entry and make one of these its just one of those things that is so obvious but takes the effort by one individual someone to execute it properly to catch everyone’s attention.

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-8

Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition your work wont go unrecognized please contact us if you want to exhibit your work in our upcoming Swap and Cop, at the Bleeding Heart Gallery.

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-10 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-11 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-12 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-13 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-14 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-15 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-16 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-17 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-18 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-21 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-22 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-23 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-34

The Winners – look at them with their stupid winner grins, pssht I can do better

2010-08-19-Munny Comp-24 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-25 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-26 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-27 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-28 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-29 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-30 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-31 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-32 2010-08-19-Munny Comp-33


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dope shots!

Comment by KID9

Awesome..!..thanks for the great write up!..and niccce pics..!..Thanks heaps guys..!!!..
Britta Gudd.

Comment by Britta Gudd

Wow, They look fantastic! Nice job guys!!

Comment by Danthrax

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