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Noosa Box Office – Fight Night Round 2 by Taz
August 8, 2010, 2:34 am
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2010-08-08-Fight Night-1

It would seem like the only sports we take interest in involve engines, but fact is here at P4000 every now and again we enjoy the sound of leather gloves pounding on flesh. That’s right its another Fight Night, the annual Noosa Box Office Gym event went down last night with a few national and state championships on the line. My voice is pretty damn hoarse from yelling “BULLSHIT!” from disagreeing to the final decision of the Australian Cruiser Weight Title fight but all in all good clean sportsmanship and a lot of whoopass!!

– T,

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by the title i was kind of hoping this was a fight night xbox comp

Comment by riley

taz you should check out evolution promotions at sleemans/chandlers in sept!! biggest and best muay thai show in southern hemisphere for sure!!! and a guy from my gyms fighting! so it’s really gonna be a cracker!

Comment by KC

Never really been into kick boxing myself I love the boxing techniques and traditionalness (its a word alright) of it

Comment by Taz

does anyone know of the boxer George Brackenridge, and where can I find him?

Comment by shona

does anyone know the whereabouts of George Brackenridge a top Australian boxer years ago?

Comment by shona

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