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Greazefest 2010 – Rocklea Showgrounds by Taz

2010-08-01-Greazefest-1-22010-08-01-Greazefest-25 2010-08-01-Greazefest-24 2010-08-01-Greazefest-62

This past weekend Rocklea Showgrounds was buzzing with greasers, hoodlums, foxy dames and other cliche terms for nostalgia freaks at the 2010 Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival. The weather was perfect and things were well underway by the time we arrived. Run over the whole weekend, Greazefest pays tribute to the golden age of rock and roll, and it’s refreshing to see so many people in one place all with such commitment to the style, these guys and gals really live the lifestyle. There was more brill cream than a barber shop and the ladies were looking fine.

It wasn’t just automotive porn on display, there were also some great little stalls selling vintage clothes and low brow art on the day, so those less automotively inclined needn’t be turned off. All in all it was a great day, and we can recommend checking it out next time the show rolls into town.

– P4,

2010-08-01-Greazefest-7 2010-08-01-Greazefest-62 2010-08-01-Greazefest-33 2010-08-01-Greazefest-73 2010-08-01-Greazefest-75 2010-08-01-Greazefest-812010-08-01-Greazefest-57 2010-08-01-Greazefest-18 2010-08-01-Greazefest-55 2010-08-01-Greazefest-46 2010-08-01-Greazefest-41 2010-08-01-Greazefest-8 2010-08-01-Greazefest-76 2010-08-01-Greazefest-442010-08-01-Greazefest-49 2010-08-01-Greazefest-25 2010-08-01-Greazefest-74 2010-08-01-Greazefest-26 2010-08-01-Greazefest-6 2010-08-01-Greazefest-2 2010-08-01-Greazefest-102010-08-01-Greazefest-28 2010-08-01-Greazefest-43 2010-08-01-Greazefest-53 2010-08-01-Greazefest-56 2010-08-01-Greazefest-31 2010-08-01-Greazefest-68 2010-08-01-Greazefest-45 2010-08-01-Greazefest-69 2010-08-01-Greazefest-672010-08-01-Greazefest-36 2010-08-01-Greazefest-9 2010-08-01-Greazefest-12 2010-08-01-Greazefest-59 2010-08-01-Greazefest-71 2010-08-01-Greazefest-662010-08-01-Greazefest-11 2010-08-01-Greazefest-52 2010-08-01-Greazefest-19 2010-08-01-Greazefest-65 2010-08-01-Greazefest-5 2010-08-01-Greazefest-47 2010-08-01-Greazefest-1 2010-08-01-Greazefest-13 2010-08-01-Greazefest-152010-08-01-Greazefest-16 2010-08-01-Greazefest-3 2010-08-01-Greazefest-202010-08-01-Greazefest-4 2010-08-01-Greazefest-14 2010-08-01-Greazefest-77 2010-08-01-Greazefest-212010-08-01-Greazefest-22 2010-08-01-Greazefest-23 2010-08-01-Greazefest-24 2010-08-01-Greazefest-27 2010-08-01-Greazefest-29 2010-08-01-Greazefest-30 2010-08-01-Greazefest-32 2010-08-01-Greazefest-34 2010-08-01-Greazefest-35 2010-08-01-Greazefest-37 2010-08-01-Greazefest-38 2010-08-01-Greazefest-39 2010-08-01-Greazefest-51 2010-08-01-Greazefest-42 2010-08-01-Greazefest-40 2010-08-01-Greazefest-48 2010-08-01-Greazefest-50 2010-08-01-Greazefest-54 2010-08-01-Greazefest-63 2010-08-01-Greazefest-79 2010-08-01-Greazefest-80 2010-08-01-Greazefest-642010-08-01-Greazefest-60 2010-08-01-Greazefest-702010-08-01-Greazefest-61 2010-08-01-Greazefest-72 2010-08-01-Greazefest-83

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