Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Optiko – Tattersall’s Arcade, Brisbane by Taz


Ok so a while ago yours truly needed some new spectacles and while gallivanting through the city we found the mothership of Eyewear, quiet possibly the best optical store I personally have ever stumbled into. Vintage, quirky, stylish, cool, praise worthy and the most eclectic collection of eyewear as far as the eye can see (pun wholeheartedly intended). I’ve been to great stores in Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok, but no one place has ever offered more than the 4000’s own, Optiko at Tattersall’s Arcade, Brisbane.

– P4,

Curator Michael Makras’s knowledge of current and vintage models of eyewear is borderline insane but for the most part astounding. Calling the selection of eyewear “eclectic” is an inappropriate appraisal of the incredible amount of thought behind creating such a astonishing collection of optical eyewear. Be sure to drop by Optiko on your next visit into the CBD and checkout their website and blog in the meantime.

I’m betting you have no idea what is so unique about these particular pairs, look very closely and you might catch it…they all have movie  “Cells” from Donnie Darko, The God Father, Bourne Identity, and Match Point, inlays in the temples…Nerdgasm :

2010-07-28-Optiko-16 2010-07-28-Optiko-17

These particular ones are sandwiched by hand made in resin with real feathers:


I have these in black, everyone asks where I got them from and I let them know Optiko! :


The rest is just spectacle porn…

2010-07-28-Optiko-2 2010-07-28-Optiko-3 2010-07-28-Optiko-5 2010-07-28-Optiko-6 2010-07-28-Optiko-7 2010-07-28-Optiko-8 2010-07-28-Optiko-9 2010-07-28-Optiko-10 2010-07-28-Optiko-11 2010-07-28-Optiko-12 2010-07-28-Optiko-13 2010-07-28-Optiko-14 2010-07-28-Optiko-15

2010-07-28-Optiko-18 2010-07-28-Optiko-20 2010-07-28-Optiko-21 2010-07-28-Optiko-22 2010-07-28-Optiko-23 2010-07-28-Optiko-24 2010-07-28-Optiko-25

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AMAZING FIND BOYS…….Cazal’s:DOPE………I foresee a Saturday morning shopping trip.

Comment by Gonz

I scored my Dita Statesmen from there, I was very surprised to find such an amazing store in Brisbane.

Comment by DeputyVanHalen

Great pics! I like the green ones – of course.

Comment by bagnidilucca

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