Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

JDM Style Tuning Meet Brisbane by Taz

2010-07-19-Car Meet-32010-07-19-Car Meet-7 2010-07-19-Car Meet-2 2010-07-19-Car Meet-11 2010-07-19-Car Meet-52010-07-19-Car Meet-4 2010-07-19-Car Meet-6 2010-07-19-Car Meet-10

After our escapades to the Core Series final on Sunday, last night we dropped by the monthly JDMST Brisbane meet to see what these guys get up to. Reports were that last time over 150 cars turned out, so expectations were high. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed with plenty of cars turning up. It’s nice to see there’s a move away from the candy paints, giant chrome wheels and airbrushing that seems to dominate the Australian scene. We didn’t bother taking too many shots because aside from there being plenty of guys that shoot all night, we’re still a grip on shooting in different settings.

Big thanks to Riley and Rory for making us feel welcome, and to all the guys and gals that grabbed some stickers cheers. I’m sure there were plenty of “what the…” reactions from those who found P4 stickers shoved under their windscreen wipers, but hey we’re shameless.

For more pics and future event info you can head to JDMST or check out Downshift Aus.

– P4


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looks great guys!

Comment by riley

Cheers for the kind words boys, was really good to put names to faces. Had a good chat with Taz as well. Also I got a new email, as my other one is playing up, so just shoot me an email saying ‘whaddup’ or whatever so I have it on file again.

You bro’s should definitely roll out to the meets each month, always a good night out and I am glad you enjoyed it.

Comment by Rory

cheers for the pic mate (mx5) :) keep it up

Comment by charlie

hey guys, any pics of a white 8 mr with standard qld plates hanging around? im very keen to get one of them!

Comment by mitch

Nah sorry Mitch we didn’t, to be honest we spent more time having a walk around and checking it out. Next time we’ll try and get some more.

Comment by twizm

No worries twizm, thanks for the reply!

Comment by mitch

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