Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Core Series Finals – Kuraby Skate Park by Taz

2010-07-18-Core Series

This past Sunday, Kuraby Skate Park was the venue for the final showdown of the Core Series BMX competition. We went along to drop some stickers off and take some pictures and might I say we did pretty decent job. Thanks to Steve at Ride On for inviting us along, Colony BMX for organizing the event and shout out to the kids that went bananas for our stickers.

– P4,

2010-07-18-BMX-56 2010-07-18-BMX-34 2010-07-18-BMX-35 2010-07-18-BMX-36 2010-07-18-BMX-37 2010-07-18-BMX-38 2010-07-18-BMX-39 2010-07-18-BMX-40 2010-07-18-BMX-41 2010-07-18-BMX-42 2010-07-18-BMX-43 2010-07-18-BMX-44 2010-07-18-BMX-45 2010-07-18-BMX-46 2010-07-18-BMX-47 2010-07-18-BMX-48 2010-07-18-BMX-49 2010-07-18-BMX-50 2010-07-18-BMX-51 2010-07-18-BMX-52 2010-07-18-BMX-53 2010-07-18-BMX-54 2010-07-18-BMX-55 2010-07-18-BMX-1 2010-07-18-BMX-2 2010-07-18-BMX-3 2010-07-18-BMX-4 2010-07-18-BMX-5 2010-07-18-BMX-6 2010-07-18-BMX-7 2010-07-18-BMX-8 2010-07-18-BMX-9 2010-07-18-BMX-10 2010-07-18-BMX-11 2010-07-18-BMX-12 2010-07-18-BMX-13 2010-07-18-BMX-14 2010-07-18-BMX-15 2010-07-18-BMX-16 2010-07-18-BMX-17 2010-07-18-BMX-18 2010-07-18-BMX-19 2010-07-18-BMX-20 2010-07-18-BMX-21 2010-07-18-BMX-22 2010-07-18-BMX-23 2010-07-18-BMX-24 2010-07-18-BMX-25 2010-07-18-BMX-26 2010-07-18-BMX-27 2010-07-18-BMX-28 2010-07-18-BMX-29 2010-07-18-BMX-30 2010-07-18-BMX-31 2010-07-18-BMX-32


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