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Apollo – Fusion Bar, Noosa by Taz
July 10, 2010, 12:08 am
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2010-07-09-Apollo-5 2010-07-09-Apollo-13 2010-07-09-Apollo-22010-07-09-Apollo-4 2010-07-09-Apollo-21 2010-07-09-Apollo-92010-07-09-Apollo-11 2010-07-09-Apollo-12 2010-07-09-Apollo-15

A few good dudes I know got together to form a new band called Apollo, I’m not well versed in my indie music but I did really enjoy attending their debut show at Noosa’s own crap shack of a bar now given a trendy name, Fusion. I think they are alluding to the fused smell of B.O. and V.B. soaked carpets, regardless of the venue these guys definitely put on a stellar show and I am sure they would like to thank all their friends who attended and a good time was had by all.

– T,

2010-07-09-Apollo-16 2010-07-09-Apollo-18 2010-07-09-Apollo-192010-07-09-Apollo-7 2010-07-09-Apollo-17 2010-07-09-Apollo-8 2010-07-09-Apollo-142010-07-09-Apollo-24 2010-07-09-Apollo-20 2010-07-09-Apollo-22

The headlining band was Hope Springs but pretty much everyone decided to clear out after Apollo’s stellar performance.

2010-07-09-Apollo-25 2010-07-09-Apollo-26 2010-07-09-Apollo-27


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