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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 22.06.10 by Matt

I’ve been compiling this list literally for months. It’s taken a while but I’ve finally got 10 things I feel like sharing with you.

– t,

1. Adidas Skate Busenitz Pro (Light Maroon) – $160

I’ve said it so many times, Adidas Skate is killing it these last few seasons. The back end of 2010 is no different, with my favourite new shoe in years; the Busenitz Pro Model coming in burgundy suede. Doesn’t get much better than that, and they’ll be in store at Laced next month. I want them now!

2. Mercedes Benz SLS E-Cell

Ok, so it’s just another electric car that a company has churned out to show that they’re “green” right? Well yeah probably, but the SLS E-Cell seems more than that. Look past the oh-so-arab colour and you’ve basically got a 480kw supercar. There’s no stupidly designed wheels, no pictures of leafs, no literal interpretations of being “green” (I’m calling the colour a yellow). At the end of the day, if you painted it silver it would be just like any other SLS AMG, except this one needs no petrol to go anywhere. Ok so there’s problems with battery technology, and there’s issues with how we product the electricity, but those can be fixed if we wanted to. Sure there’s no throb of a meaty AMG V8, but the thing revs to 12,000rpm and has more torque anyway. I think it does the SLS name well too, I mean the 300SL was a trail blazer with its fuel injected engine so what better platform to move technology forward again?

3. Ledbury Slim Fit Blue & White Collins Stripe Shirt – $142

We’re all growing up, and at some point in time you’re going to need a decent shirt to wear. Hell, I don’t mind wearing something with a collar now and then just because it takes my fancy. The trick is getting a decent shirt so you don’t look like a twat when you’re wearing it, which means it has to fit you properly.

American company Ledbury have some nice regular sized shirts, although still a bit slimmer than the cookie cutter options, but they also do a slim line for the less girthy gentleman (such as myself). I picked their collins stripe casual shirt because I’m not that serious, and not ballsy enough to wear anything pink or purple. Made in the USA and at a bloody nice price point. A worthy alternative to the generic polo made for 30 cents.

4. Tudor Heritage Chronograph – Hopefully not too expensive

I have gotten sucked into the world of mechanical watches this year, and being my normal self it has resulted in months of research and learning and zero purchases. The truth is that a decent watch is expensive, and I am not rich or even moderately comfortable financially. Still, when I think of the money I’ve spent on sneakers it’s not that ridiculous.

Recently Rolex’s lower-end brand Tudor announced the Heritage Chrono, which is actually a remake of a model they sold in the 70s updated for modern times. The face is offered in grey or black and has grown to 42mm, it comes with either a stainless bracelet or NATO strap. I’ve not read anything on pricing, but with my limited knowledge I can only say that it’ll be cheaper than the equivalent Rolex and probably still out of my price range. Here’s to hoping though.

A decent gallery of pics can be seen here. There’s also a sweet little video on Tudor’s website.

5. Be Positive Chukka Brush Off – $370

Italian footwear brand BePositive know how to make a Chukka boot, and it looks great in royal blue leather. They’re a bit pricey, but it’s Italian so camaaaan! What’s even cooler is their deer suede version that is actually cheaper than the pictured pair, mainly because they’re not from some random Russian site I found one late night, instead coming from Italy’s own Slam Jam.

6. HUF x adidas Rod Laver – $134

Proof of how long I’ve been compiling the bits for this post. When I picked this the damn shoe hadn’t even released, now it’s on sale at End Clothing. Grey perforated suede, snake heel, turquoise lining, nicely shaped shoe, ‘nuf said. Sure beats Huf’s own efforts into the footwear industry.

7. Go Faster: The Graphic Design of Race Cars by Sven Voelker – $30

Graphic design and racing cars, two things I love and enjoy immensely. I really don’t need to explain as to why this is here any more.

8. Oliberte Abido – $155

We here at P4 really appreciate people with big ideas, hell we push FEIT’s product hard because it’s just so nice to see them bring something fresh to the industry. Canadian company Oliberte are doing something pretty cool as well. They’ve focussed on supporting African nations with the production of their shoes. Rubber comes from Liberia, leathers from Ethiopia as well as the footwear being produced there. At the end of the day though, the product has to be appealing, and the Adibo Desert boot looks sick in deep navy suede. Clothing with a conscience, both ethical and environmental is something myself and Taz dig completely, and it’s nice to see companies out there giving a go at improving the way our clothes are made.

9. Adicup New York Pack – $280

I like the Adicup project, it’s cool and wish there was potential to do something similar in Australia. Alas there are so few stores left in the country that attempting similar would be almost impossible, but that’s another story. To celebrate each round there has been a pack made in collaboration with artists and stores from each host town. My favourite of the releases is the USA team kit created by Undefeated and Artkip. The Votary shoe looks wicked in that familiar blue adidas do so well. The bag I don’t really care about, but the jersey is pretty well executed (the Berlin one is the best of the series though). Limited to 300 sets of each they’re pretty hard to find though, especially since the USA pack hasn’t released yet after some issues with production.

10. Gran Turismo 5 Collectors Pack

I honestly can’t remember how long I’ve been waiting for the release of Gran Turismo 5 (I haven’t got involved in the Prologue version). The damn thing has been coming for so long that the cover “hero” car has changed three times (R35 GTR, ZR1 Corvette and now the SLR AMG).

Well last week at E3 the release date for GT5 was set for November 2nd. Seeing that I’ve been waiting for the release for so long, and the fact its been pushed back literally years I’m a bit skeptical. Obviously this is the most solid date set so far, so chances are it’ll be out when they say it is. When it does finally release I’m sure it’s going to be awesome, and it’s now just a matter of waiting. To celebrate this momentous release there is a collectors edition that includes 5 downloadable cars and an ugly model of an R35 GTR, as well as some sort of book that I can only assume is an excuse to take more money from us.

Watch the announcement video here.

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