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Twizzy’s Beef: Livestock x Ferrari x Puma by Matt
May 15, 2010, 8:48 pm
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There’s a few things about the newly announced Livestock x Ferrari x Puma pack that really annoy me. Rather than subjecting everyone that reads the site to my mindless drivel, I’ll post my thoughts after the jump.

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First of all, the name itself. It implies that Ferrari is involved in collaborating on this project. This is false, as far as it has been told, Puma own the rights to the Ferrari badge on apparel. From that we can deduct that Livestock requested to use Ferrari’s name and badge on the projects and Puma allowed them to do so. At no point is there any mention of Ferrari actually being involved in this pack of shoes.

Secondly, the choice of shoe model. Of all the shoes in the Puma lineup, I think the First Round Mid is possibly the least Ferrari-like shoe of all. The Suede Mid II is basically a clumsy Puma Suede produced to quench the thirst of the hightop crazed fools through the use of ugly patent formstripes and stupid prints. To then use this model to represent one of the finest sports car manufacturers is an insult. Why not use a classic model as a tip of the hat toward Ferrari’s heritage? Or what about something relatively new that echoes the high tech approach Ferrari’s new age cars have taken? God forbid someone should do something different for once.

Now I suppose I should critique the actually shoes as a whole. I think the red ones looks most Ferrari-like, and I don’t mean just because it’s red. I’ve actually spent many an hour slaving over the keyboard trying to think of how to best represent a car in shoe form, and as far as it goes Livestock have done an alright job. It seems to be that using a black sole is a good way of conveying the automotive look. I like that they scuffed the rubber to make it resemble a racing tyre.

The addition of 3 colours of eyelets is a bit of a step too far, but as much as it’s annoying it’s only a small thing. They did well by just putting the Ferrari badge on the heel. It’s probably a bit cliche` but it does tie into Puma’s own design. Suede works better than the yellow Kangaroo leather, it seems better to echo the racing boots used by drivers rather than trying to make a shiny shoe to look like a car. Whilst it was pretty cool to sit down and think up a dream track for the footbed print, in the end it looks a bit generic and the corner names are just lame. If you’re going to think up Ferrari relevant corner names, go a little further than just using a few generic terms.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finally is the launch video. Whilst quite well put together, THE WHOLE VIDEO FEATURES A HONDA S2000. Whilst I’m not against the S2000 (I think it’s a great little car and often underrated) why the hell is it relevant to the Ferrari pack? Yes I know that there’s one shoe that’s based on the paint job of the Honda, but c’mon.

Unnecessary awesomeness follows…

At the end of the day, it seems like the Livestock guys are enjoying the opportunity they were given and I’m sure Puma put a lot of restrictions on the project. If it weren’t involving Puma and such a historically significant car maker I would probably care less, but to me it seems like a wasted opportunity to do so much more.


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