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Domestique Launch – Chandler Velodrome by Taz

2010-05-09-Domestique-8 2010-05-09-Domestique-21 2010-05-09-Domestique-20 2010-05-09-Domestique-22 2010-05-09-Domestique-19

This past weekend, Brisbanites took to the Chandler Velodrome to celebrate the launch of newly established bicycle themed brand, “Domestique”. A large group of fixie heads gathered to check out the new brand, show some love and just have a damn good time. For many this was their first experience on the velodrome, whilst a few were already seasoned competitors. Along with the track there was also a few fellows that came along to oversee the velodrome newbies and offer a word of advice (or three). We went along to take some photos and drop some of our new stickers off.

Domestique is now available at The Outpost, Gear and Sneak & Destroy and a big thanks to the stores for organizing this dope day, as well as the velodrome support staff for putting up with the rag tag bunch.

– P4,

The photos are also up on Facebook please tag yourselves.

2010-05-09-Domestique-182010-05-09-Domestique-13 2010-05-09-Domestique-14 2010-05-09-Domestique-15 2010-05-09-Domestique-162010-05-09-Domestique-17 2010-05-09-Domestique-7 2010-05-09-Domestique-82010-05-09-Domestique-9 2010-05-09-Domestique-10 2010-05-09-Domestique-12010-05-09-Domestique-112010-05-09-Domestique-4 2010-05-09-Domestique-22010-05-09-Domestique-242010-05-09-Domestique-19 2010-05-09-Domestique-20 2010-05-09-Domestique-222010-05-09-Domestique-21 2010-05-09-Domestique-232010-05-09-Domestique-30 2010-05-09-Domestique-25 2010-05-09-Domestique-262010-05-09-Domestique-27 2010-05-09-Domestique-282010-05-09-Domestique-29 2010-05-09-Domestique-322010-05-09-Domestique-33 2010-05-09-Domestique-342010-05-09-Domestique-36 2010-05-09-Domestique-35 2010-05-09-Domestique-42 2010-05-09-Domestique-392010-05-09-Domestique-37 2010-05-09-Domestique-382010-05-09-Domestique-402010-05-09-Domestique-582010-05-09-Domestique-53 2010-05-09-Domestique-41 2010-05-09-Domestique-482010-05-09-Domestique-46 2010-05-09-Domestique-44 2010-05-09-Domestique-45 2010-05-09-Domestique-552010-05-09-Domestique-50 2010-05-09-Domestique-47 2010-05-09-Domestique-51 2010-05-09-Domestique-492010-05-09-Domestique-56 2010-05-09-Domestique-572010-05-09-Domestique-54

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[…] Chandler Velodrome in Brisbane played host to a track day and Domestique launch this weekend. Video above and photos here. […]

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thanks a lot for taking these photos! i dont really check the fixed forum…so i just now discovered these.



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