Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Veam is Here! by Matt

We told you it was going to be good, just look at that shape! Goat skin suede (aka “Velvet Goat”) and perforated lamb skin leather plus goatskin lining throughout, all hand made in France. The materials and processes used for this shoe are so insanely premium and their application so unprecedented the companies involved with their production are as excited to see the end result as everyone else!

You can definitely see some inspiration in the shoe, but remember this; it was made by guys like you and me, that have ruined their lives hunting down sneakers. The difference of course is that when there wasn’t anything that tickled their fancy in the current market they had the balls to go and do something about it, not just sit back and get all keyboard warrior and whinge about the lack of ‘good’ sneakers.

As the adage goes: “actions speak louder than words” and the Veam crew are about to punch the sneaker scene square in the nose. These will be supremely limited, but some will be making it to Aussie shores… stay tuned.

– t, big thanks to our homies at Veam for the shot


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Congratulation guys – 5 stars!

Comment by Greg K

AWESOME…..where and when?

Comment by Gonz

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