Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Easter Road Trip To Sydney by Taz


Over the Easter break I took to the road and drove from the Sunshine Coast all the way down south to Sydney. The 1000+ Kilometers of journey would’ve been hellish if it wasn’t for my good friends and good food stops on route. While there i got to check out the new range of Feit, dropped into Supply, had a dope meeting with Ones Clothing and got to checkout the HMAS Darwin.

– T,

We stopped off at Grafton, which looked pretty much like a ghost-town except for this joint, which was overflowing with cars outside we ducked into checkout the menu and boy did we get a pleasant surprise. Elegant and simple bistro food at a country town pub. The whole trip we just kept discussing at the sheer dumb luck of finding such a nice restaurant on a trip where we definitely excepted a fast food binge.

2010-04-05-Sydney-5 2010-04-05-Sydney-1 2010-04-05-Sydney-2 2010-04-05-Sydney-3 2010-04-05-Sydney-4

Next stop was Port Macquarie, just to have a stretch but the lovely visuals definitely rejuvenated us.

2010-04-05-Sydney-6 2010-04-05-Sydney-7 2010-04-05-Sydney-24 2010-04-05-Sydney-25

We started 8:30 am Friday morning and 14 hours later we got to Sydney!


I went to Oxford Street, to checkout Feit and Supply who happen to be next door to each other. The Feit Moc Hi is the toughest boot I’ve ever laid my eyes on, these things look like they could crush any terrain in luxurious comfort, just an unmatched combination of aesthetics, quality and functionality.

2010-04-05-Sydney-9 2010-04-05-Sydney-10

After I finished groping all the shoes at Feit, I ducked into Supply. They gave me a look at their new range of tees, gotta say they look pretty damn good. Should be getting some pictures shortly. If your unfamiliar with the store they stock some of the most sought after brands such as Visvim, Supreme, Neighborhood, Tenderloin, Head Porter and many more. Check them out at their official website, and definitely drop in and check it out if your in Sydney.


We met the guys from Ones Clothing at Buffet, Junior was nice enough to invite me down to their studios and checkout their operation in person. These guys are true hustlers producing their own stuff when they have down time from their own full time printing business. We had a long conversation about producing quality products and bounced of ideas each other, we look forward to working with them sometime in the very near future.

2010-04-05-Sydney-12 2010-04-05-Sydney-13

One of my best friends is in the Navy and he gave us a tour through his ship, the dude is 6”8 I have no idea how he can last in that place for more than a couple of hours its so claustrophobic. But I was pretty much nerding out pretty freaking hard (pause), all those instrument panels, guns and hatches, the ship is a fucking maze; it was fucking awesome. Oh there is this crane called the Hammer Head, apparently its falling into bits but i though it was pretty impressive sight nonetheless.

2010-04-05-Sydney-14 2010-04-05-Sydney-15 2010-04-05-Sydney-16 2010-04-05-Sydney-17 2010-04-05-Sydney-18 2010-04-05-Sydney-19 2010-04-05-Sydney-20 2010-04-05-Sydney-21

We had to head back to the 4000 Monday morning, even though all the fun was over we did get to stop for one last meal in Taree, it was pretty rubbish, except for the cold drinks.

2010-04-05-Sydney-22 2010-04-05-Sydney-23

Bonus Shots:

Good friends, lots of drink ensued in hilarious moments captured on my newly acquired Fuji Instax 210, consider this my review of the camera it is just fun, no other explanation needed, its just fun to have around. Nothing beats instant gratification.

2010-04-04-Sydney-1 2010-04-04-Sydney-2 2010-04-04-Sydney-3 2010-04-04-Sydney-4 2010-04-04-Sydney-5 2010-04-04-Sydney-6 2010-04-04-Sydney-7 2010-04-04-Sydney-8 2010-04-04-Sydney-9 2010-04-04-Sydney-10 2010-04-04-Sydney-11 2010-04-04-Sydney-12 2010-04-04-Sydney-13 2010-04-04-Sydney-14 2010-04-04-Sydney-15


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