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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 02.04.2010 by Matt

With Taz currently en-route to Sydney (I had to stay back for work) I’ve found myself quite bored with nothing much to blog about. So my only reaction is to post up a new Top Ten. I’ve tried to include prices where possible to make it a little more… relevant? Be impressed dammit! This is also the first Top Ten in the new 640px wide format of the blog, so view in all the high(er) resolution glory.

– t,

Prices are a rough conversion in Aussie dollars with the help of

1. Aether Space Hoodie – $325+ P&H

It’s not just because of the name, I swear! I’m quite over the cotton hoodie look, mainly because every time I wear them I somehow look like the dodgiest guy in the room. Probably the hair… But that’s not changing so instead the hoodie can. It’s not overly baggy and has a nice techie feel without being over the top. My choice is in “monument” a nice shade of silvery-grey, just to push the modern feel a bit more. At $325 plus postage it’s a bit pricey but now’s as good a time as ever to buy from overseas with the Aussie dollar being so strong, and a decent light jacket is good for our climate.

2. Visvim ISDT Boot – $535+ P&H

I think if you’ve followed this running segment I write you’d see a pattern of desert boots popping up all the time. I’m still searching for something that treads the line between classical Clarks silhouette and a heel-less contemporary take. Visvim’s ISDT boot seems to almost get there. There’s a few niggles though; at over $535 they aren’t cheap, the polka dotted heel cap doesn’t tickle my fancy at all, and they’re all sold out at the Honeyee online store now… Lame. Still if anyone wants to give me a pair, I’ll take the sand or tan pair thanks.

3. A Bathing Ape x Regal Desert Boot – $295+ P&H

Yeah, another damn desert boot ripoff… These ones even have a noticable heel. Something about these Bapestas for the dapper lad hits the right spot in their beige and black interpretations. The chocolate brown version isn’t really my kit. Luckily they’re all sold out as well, so there’s not even a temptation to make a regretful purchase. Nevertheless I’m happy to sit and look at them.

4. Porsche Design P’6780 Diving Watch – $TBA

Taz doesn’t like it, so naturally that attracted me to it. That and the fact that it remains modern yet uncluttered (unlike a lot of new watches that look more like an alien weapon than a timepiece). The nifty flip-forward function is a drawcard as well. It might even fit my delicate lady-like wrists as well. I’m sure it’ll end up being well out of my price range though, so hazzah for wishful thinking.

5. Super People Havana Glitter – $280 Shipped @ Laced

I got a bit sick of wearing my Dita Lanciers all the time, so naturally the cure was to buy even more sunglasses. This time I’ve found a Super frame that actually fits my human-sized head. No longer is the retrosuperfuture eyewear restricted to petit young ladies, children and dudes with tiny heads. This new frame is called “People” and it produces a classic shape without being a straight Wayfarer rip. Add to that Super’s signature Havana Glitter frame finish and some sexy brown Zeiss lenses and you have a nice pair of sunnies that don’t need to be transported in a box the size of a small dog. You can get the new Super range from Laced (if you come in person you can totally hang out with me and we could end up being besties) although you’ll have to get this frame/colour combo ordered in ’cause I got them… ha!

6. Persol 714 Ratti – $317+ P&H

I’m not very good at this am I? This time I’ve got another pair of sunglasses, this time I haven’t bought them… yet. The Persol 714 is synonymous with one man to me; Steve McQueen. The man was undeniably cool and anything he approved of is fine by me. The 714 Ratti were Mr McQueen’s go-to sunglasses. If I had even a shred of the man’s effortless cool I’d be down for some 714’s in dark tortoise with eyegoodies’ custom blue lenses, something of a signature look that McQueen sported. As I don’t possess anywhere near enough style I’ll leave them be I think.

7. Tanner Goods Eyeglass Case – $74+ P&H

Look I can’t even get off the same topic when I try! There’s actually a little more to this though. Yeah it’s a glasses case, but Super don’t provide anything except a crappy little micro-fiber bag with their sunnies so I want to grab something that will protect them from being crushed. It provides as good of an excuse as any to buy something from Tanner Goods. The story behind this company is damn interesting, which in short involves two guys that used to work in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen but got sick of not making anything themselves so they started up a leather goods company and craft every piece themselves. It’s all natural and made in Portland, Oregon. Pictured is their 60’s inspired eyeglass case in Havana finish. Check out their site, there’s some great stuff there. They also recently had an interview on Hypebeast, it’s a great read.

8. RAUH-Welt Overload

Japanese company RAUH-Welt make some of the most awesome tuned Porsches in the world. I’m sure you’ve seen one of their cars on the internet before, even if you didn’t realise it. Artist Jon Sibal compiled a crapload of shots on his blog for your viewing glory. Speedhunters has a nice little archive of RAUH-Welt related stories which are really quite interesting. It’s funny to see where the influences on the man behind these crazy modern-day supercars come from. I’m a fan and I’m sure you will be too. If not, you’re shit.

9. FEIT Moc Mid – $296 Shipped

As we’ve already posted, we think this new approach that FEIT has taken is a step in the right direction. The first model to be offered under the FEIT Direct site is the Moc Mid in both grey and black. I personally think these shit all over similar boots from more “established” brands and they’re Australian made and owned, I mean c’mon. Plus if you pre-order them you get free shipping and 10% off! Be quick though, the limited quantities of Kudu leather means there will only be 18 pairs of the grey and 36 pairs of the black produced. If this latest venture of FEIT’s doesn’t work we have only ourselves to blame. So grow some balls and support our own Australian footwear brand! Screw Ugg Boots, join the FEIT!

10. James Laurie: Cornered

I thought I’d finish this post off with a little nifty light hearted invention from artist James Laurie. It’s named “cornered” and basically it solves the problem encountered when trying to trap any sort of animal intruder in the house with a cup. How many times has a gecko or spider run up into the corner of the room as if to taunt you and you’re inferior trapping utensils? Well if you’re as masculine as myself then it’s all too often. Luckily this awesome little deal will have you outsmarting critters with ease. But then again, it’s pretty useless to drink out of… so who really trumped who?

That’s about it from me for another Top Ten. If you even read this, feel free to send in some stuff that you think is pretty cool for me to have a look at. Just give the little avatar of me on the right hand side a click, or just shoot an email to


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