Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Few New Pickups – Updated With Photos by Taz

2010-03-29-Instax-3 2010-03-29-Instax-52010-03-29-Instax-4 2010-03-29-Instax-6

Finally got my grubby mitts on the new gen Polaroid replacement a “Fuji Instax 210”, its effing huge almost on par with my old Polaroid 600 but for instant photo gratification I can definitely live with this, I’ll post a review in a few days. Also picked up a what I can only describe as the perfect pen, its a “Faber Castell Mondoro” ball point pen, a silky smooth roller in a fantastic thick housing for effortless writting, its perfect for chubby fingers, from the Pen Shoppe.

– T,

Good friends, lots of drink ensued in hilarious moments captured on my newly acquired Fuji Instax 210, consider this my review of the camera it is just fun, no other explanation needed, its just fun to have around. Nothing beats instant gratification.

2010-04-04-Sydney-1 2010-04-04-Sydney-2 2010-04-04-Sydney-3 2010-04-04-Sydney-4 2010-04-04-Sydney-5 2010-04-04-Sydney-6 2010-04-04-Sydney-7 2010-04-04-Sydney-8 2010-04-04-Sydney-9 2010-04-04-Sydney-10 2010-04-04-Sydney-11 2010-04-04-Sydney-12 2010-04-04-Sydney-13 2010-04-04-Sydney-14 2010-04-04-Sydney-15


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I so want that camera now….

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