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Sono Japanese Restaurant – Brisbane City by Taz
March 20, 2010, 3:13 am
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Finally convinced three of my favorite compadres to sack up and join me for a night of titillating tastes in Brisbane at one of my favorite restaurants, called Sono”. Even though they are some of my favorite people to hangout with I must say they’re taste buds aren’t always up to the challenge for my culinary expeditions. Three fussy eaters who take a dislike to certain seafood, aren’t exactly the correct demo graph for a Japanese meal, however if any place was going to leave a good memory for fine seafood on their taste buds, Sono definitely meets that criteria.

– T,

The first dish which sadly didn’t survive long enough for a picture was a “Wagyu Tataki with Ponzu Sauce”, it really set the tone for the quality of the meal ahead. I won’t bother (also cbf) explaining every single dish, nevertheless we dined on some of the best seafood dishes to be had in Brisbane City, presented with simplicity and elegance that can only be achieved by fine Japanese cooking technique.

2010-03-20-Sono-2 2010-03-20-Sono-3 2010-03-20-Sono-62010-03-20-Sono-5 2010-03-20-Sono-42010-03-20-Sono-8 2010-03-20-Sono-9 2010-03-20-Sono-7

We had a great time and a fantastic meal, though it wasn’t cheap we all had a consensus that we would be going back there sometime in the very near future. Sono is definitely worth a visit if you are in the city or you can also try their river side location at Portside Wharf, however which ever one your visit you definitely want to make an advanced reservation to secure yourself a table, even for lunch. Yeap! they are that popular.


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