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Twizzy’s Top Ten 16.03.2010 by Matt

I’m busy as hell this semester, so the blog takes the back seat while I’m finishing off my degree. Somehow I managed to find the time to get another Top Ten out though… Funny that…

– t,

1. Spoon Sports Honda CRZ

Since it first appeared as an all-electric concept car I’ve been a huge fan of the Honda CRZ. I was disappointed when it released as a hybrid, but I suppose the world still isn’t ready for a mass produced electric car. Nevertheless, the aesthetics of this little wedge shaped hatch are something to fall in love with regardless of what powers it. Of course the production version got smaller wheels and less exaggerated features compared to the concept, but Spoon’s lowered and blue wheel-ified version proves that there’s a slick little car on the market that isn’t European. Yes please.

2. Benedict Redgrove

Some amazing shots of some amazing machinery. Whilst he does photograph various things, the automotive and aeronautical photography from this fellow are truly amazing. Feel free to waste some time.

3. Number(nine) for Converse

I usually couldn’t give two hoots about a collaboration between Japanese label Number (nine) and Converse, but there’s something strangely alluring about this white blotted suede shoe. I don’t know whether it’s the asymmetrical lacing of the unusual way the panels wrap around the toe box, something about them appeals to me. Going by the label they’re done with and the fact they were released last Saturday chances are they’re all gone by now. The $140us price tag isn’t exactly a bargain either.

4. Eastman Leather

If you want a dope leather jacket, hit up Pete at For The Homies. If you want a period correct bomber jacket with painstaking attention to every single detail that is guaranteed to be as authentic as the real deal then go see Eastman Leather. The pieces are truly amazing, and the effort involved in their projects must be immense. If I owned an old war bird I would rock the hell out of this stuff, squadron logos and all. Pictured is my favourite of the bunch, the USAAF B-15 Rough Wear jacket.

5. New Balance MTG580

On the same military jacket theme, New Balance Asia have been working on another Gore-Tex laden 580. This one is christened the MTG580 and its theme revolves around MA-1 jackets. The colour palette is solid, materials on point and they sport a really sweet tongue tag reminiscent of jacket tags. Even the velcro N’s seem fitting. Due out in July.

6. Adidas Gazelle OG

You can’t mess with a classic, one of those being the red suede Adidas Gazelle. The “Gazelle OG” sees one of the best interpretations of adi’s staple shoe shape and material wise. Get some from SNS while there’s still some left.

7. Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang Cola Sunglasses

There’s something about that cola gradient that just screams summer. Sure we’re just going out of season, but c’mon winter in Queensland these days is just a windier version of summer. Kind of reminds me of a cola flavoured Chuppa Chup. Get ’em from the Han Kjobehavn web store.

8. L.L.Bean Signature Eastport Handsewn Ranger Moc Suede

Something a little different to the norm, these are a reproduction of L.L.Bean’s Ranger Moc from 1955. Hand sewn and pretty damn lush looking, for $79us, why the hell not? Available in navy and sand suede, as they should be.

9. Wired – 10 Damn-Near Perfect Cars

While I don’t necessarily agree with all their choices (I’ve already named some cars that I love previously) but it’s worth a read. I was quite intrigued to see the General Motors EV1 in there. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest watching Who Killed The Electric Car? if you don’t understand the controversy surrounding this little car.

10. Graham Grand Silverstone Luffield, Night Racer

If I could, I would. But I can’t, so I wont. In the mean time, if you feel generous you could buy me one. Chances are I wouldn’t wear it anyway, ’cause my tiny girl wrists would probably snap under the weight.

And with that, she’s all done. See you on the flippity flop.

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