Project 4000 – KEEPING IT A MILLI IN THE 4000

Few Glimpses of Dhaka, City by Taz
March 15, 2010, 11:38 pm
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2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-3 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-52010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-1 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-2 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-4

Just a few shots of my trip back home, I don’t think you have to try too hard to guess which one of us calls Dhaka City home. Its always comforting to see my city again its like doing a full circle of the world and then coming back to my own environment.

No guess work, no surprises, it just is what it is, it does change but never enough that it becomes unfamiliar.

– T,

To be perfectly honestly I didn’t exert any effort taking these photos because I rather chose to spend my time actually enjoying my holiday, but when I did bother to take some photos I chose to take pictures of things that I miss about my city. I wish I had taken more…

2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-6 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-7 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-9 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-8 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-10 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-11 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-12 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-13 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-14 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-15 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-20 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-16 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-17 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-18 2010-02-25-Dhaka-WP-19


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