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A milestone was set this past weekend with the launch of Asia-Pacific’s first ever Streetwear tradeshow, “Buffet” in Melbourne Australia. Major distributors and independent labels from across Australia and from as far as Singapore showed up to participate in this monumental event, organised by Acclaim Magazine founder Andrew Montell in conjunction with Fashion Exposed.

In attendance were streetwear scene icons such as Jeff Staple, Simon Woody, DJ Mafia, Hans DC, Frank Liew and a many others who spoke in four discussion forums to school us new kids on the blog how to make it in this game. We had a great time attending, there was a tonne of proddy to grope, lots of good food and way too many drinks.

– P4,

DSC_0281 DSC_0315 DSC_0322

In these tough economic times like most industries Streetwear also needs a reboot, and Buffet is definitely a step in the right direction to yet again set the tone for streetwear for the new decade.


We landed early Friday morning to a chilly Melbourne and eagerly waited for the break of daylight. The clock hit 9:00 am and it was time for Buffet!, which was set in a amazing old factory right at the edge of the city.

A dope space still bearing reminence of an old factory, lit up by piercing beams of sunlight that peak through old fashioned skylights and glaring flood lights. The entire space was hurriedly transformed into Aisia-Pacific’s first streetwear tradeshow, we went in extra early to meet with all the vendors and take pictures as everyone helped each other to get settled into the space.


DSC_0334 DSC_0338 DSC_0344

The first day was for vendors only, however as we’re power bloggers (ha!) we got hooked up with media passes thanks to the fine fellas at Acclaim Magazine. Our efforts of getting up early paid off handsomely as we got a chance to get acquainted with all the booths owners, wowed some people with our amazing business cards, had a good chat to almost everyone there and checked out all the fresh new products before the public got their hands on them.


DSC_0648 DSC_0527 DSC_0385

There was a mix of independent local and international labels and well as the big boys such as Staple/STPL, Casio, Incase, In4mation and many others showcasing their new seasons on the show floor. To give you an idea why this event is so important, it is first time in Asia that buyers got to actually see so much product physically at the same time before it hits the shelves, usually this sort of showing is done on a one to one basis.


DSC_0286 DSC_0599 DSC_0648

This event also gave new comers to the game a chance to showcase their product to prospective buyers, which is a hard task for any new brand to do in Australia/Asia with out spending thousands on traveling door to door.


2010-02-28-Buffet-18 2010-02-28-Buffet-11

DSC_0469 DSC_0620


Our favourites were definitely the indie labels representing on the show floor, these guys definitely bring a great injection of fresh energy to the game and most can party pretty effin hard too but those pics are private.

Deep Surface – Sydney | Ones Clothing – Sydney | Sup Clothing – Singapore

Grand Scheme – Brisbane | Mont La Roc – Melbourne | Quiet Riot – Melbourne

For The Homies – Melbourne | Bbot Systems – Melbourne | Blank/BKTM – Melbourne

Lower – New Zealand


DSC_0387 2010-02-28-Buffet-16 2010-02-28-Buffet-15

Okay your thinking why the fuck is there 4 pictures of Gear above? Its cause Erik is a fucking champion, he drove down with the entire Gear Team 24 hours straight from the 4000 to Melbourne to attend Buffet and was the only store from Brisbane to make it all the way down south, now that’s commitment! Checkout their store and blog Gear Brisbane online.


DSC_0552 2010-02-28-Buffet-9 DSC_0553

There was a tonne of new product, however we intentionally avoided concentrating on the product as we rather feature the actual people and the labels they are representing. The human aspect is definitely what made Buffet such a great event, it was about sharing ideas, making connections and coming together as a industry. We hope to do feature interviews on everyone we met in the very near future.

2010-02-28-Buffet-42 2010-02-28-Buffet-45 DSC_0288

DSC_0546 DSC_0340 DSC_0677

Discussion Forum 1 – Starting Out


2010-02-28-Buffet-30 2010-02-28-Buffet-33 2010-02-28-Buffet-36

2010-02-28-Buffet-25 2010-02-28-Buffet-35 2010-02-28-Buffet-34

The second aspect of Buffet were the discussion forums presented by some of the pioneers of the Streetwear industry. The panel consisted of Dj Mafia of Sneaker Freaker, Nick Denton owner of Freshin and Second Family Distribution, Graffiti icon Rafael Rashid aka Raph Boogie also creator of Blank TM, Jimmy Bligs creator of Grand Scheme, Steele Saunders of Spire Distribution and Sure and Acclaim Magazine creator Andrew Montell.

It was great to hear from this distinguished panel of speakers about how they started in this business, their personal stories were very compelling and gave everyone some perspective on the commitment and hard work it takes to achieve success in this industry and also life in general. It was like sitting around with a bunch of friends talking about old times just was a good time listening to them.

They went into great detail explaining how to approach retailers to how not to get ripped off buy manufacturers. The silence in the room was a clear indication that how closely the crowd was paying attention to every word these guys were sharing with us, a real revelation.

Discussion Forum 2 – The Next Level


2010-02-28-Buffet-48 2010-02-28-Buffet-58 2010-02-28-Buffet-50

2010-02-28-Buffet-59 2010-02-28-Buffet-51 2010-02-28-Buffet-63

The second forum was the big show, featuring Jeff Ng of Staple, Simon Woody founder of Sneaker Freaker, Jake Pyne creator of New Zealand label Lower and Andrew Montell who organised this whole event.

This forum was a whole different ball game compared to the first one, class was in session to say the least. Silence filled the room as the discussion began and Jeff Staple took the podium to give his presentation on his personal history and gave insightful speech on what it takes to make it in this business.

Jake Pyne then took to the mic and introduced himself and his background with Lower and what it took to establish a brand that was started in a steel shed to now being stocked in 75 stores in New Zealand alone. His story is what many up and coming labels in the crowd and ourselves related to the most.

After the introductions were made the discussion became more indepth talking about everything from collaborating with large companies to understanding what it takes to elevate your business/label to the next level. Sadly we couldn’t stay for the last day of Buffet as Twiz had to get back to work at Laced and I was just absolutely shattered from being on the road before heading out to Melbourne and partying with the Buffet crew didn’t help our stamina either.

We would just like to thank Andrew Montell for putting together this monumental event and a special shout to Sup Singapore crew, Deep Surface, Ones, Nick Denton, Frank Liew, Brendan, Jimmy, Jason Papa, Pete Le Chic, Mafia, Xdrift and uncle Hans DC for making this a trip worthwhile.

If you read this whole thing…Thank you very much.

The end for now, a lot more coming from us shortly..

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thank you!!! for putting up some pics and giving me something to do on this rainy day on the gold coast. looks like it was a success. we will attend next year fo sho unless there is some correspondence that stops us. lol!!!

Comment by rob

[…] images stolen from the good guys from P4000, who did a big article about Buffet. You can leave a comment, or trackback from your own site. RSS […]

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great wrap up 4000 as always x

Comment by duck

Nice work Bro! Keep it up! Monumental event, it was indeed – DS

Comment by C8

We need something like this in Brisbane!

Dope work guys, GRAND SCHEME represent represent!

Comment by Griselda_Blanco

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