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A Day in the Life of… by Matt
February 23, 2010, 8:21 pm
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With Taz somewhere in the middle of Asia, I’ve been left with the blog to run. Problem is, I’ve been busy and frankly there isn’t that much stuff around that I could be bothered posting. So while we gear up for this weekend’s trip to Melbourne for Buffet, I decided to whip out my trust old Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot and snapped some pointless images for you to be amazed by.

– t

School is back in session, and I kicked off the day with a lovely 6am wake-up call for one hell of a boring first lecture of the year. There’s something degrading about sitting in a room full of first year psychology students and being the only 4th year business student. But it’s an elective so whatever.

After a stressful lecture that involved intense concentration to avoid falling asleep, I came home to a sweltering hot house… Yay. So to put my hard earned education to use by wasting some time taking some shots of my newest acquisition; Dita Lancier PS.003s. The quality and packaging on these things is nuts, and the brown “driving” lenses make everything look way more interesting.

After my iPod so brilliantly reminded me about my first day back at Uni a good 6 hours after I got back home (as seen up top), I had a listen to some music. I don’t mention music on the blog much as I don’t really think there’s any point. I don’t have a distinct favourite type of music, and I don’t really care about sharing what I listen to with everyone else. Anyway, I decided to break the trend today. I’ve been listening to Regina Spektor, she makes music and I think it sounds good. Chances are you probably wont like it and I don’t care.

While in my room I discovered this old Bbot shoe bag. Haven’t seen much from the boys in a little while, hopefully that’ll change soon, they always seem to bring the wanna-be ‘bot out in all of us.

Also in my room is this little fella, he’s a Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens). I couldn’t think up a name for him so I just call it “Fish”, seems to suit it. Don’t ask how I managed to get a clear shot of it through glass with a little camera, it was a pure fluke.

Look, KEYS!

And to end the day, an afternoon raid on my chilli bushes. Unfortunately nobody else likes hot food, so I’m struggling to keep up with the plants with all this heat. Needless to say the freezer is full of Jalapenos, Cayenne peppers, Habaneros and Siam chillies.

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