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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 18.02.2010 by Matt

I tried to get this done before it passed my birthday, but I failed by 10 minutes. Please forgive me an read on…

– t

1. Ubiq Grace

Ubiq are really doing well with the whole indie sneaker/shoe/boot thing of the last few years, and this wheat nubuck version of the Grace Mid shoe is a stellar effort. Something that’s both classic and modern at the same time. This particular version of the Grace is a little tricky to find, but you can pick some up at Kasina.

2. Hard Graft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag

I’ve already mentioned Hard Graft’s work in a previous post, and I can vouch for the amazing quality of their items after I grabbed last season’s Y+U Laptop Sleeve.

This new season sees a return of their extremely limited bag range in different colours. Whilst the 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag seems to be the most popular item of the range once again, what caught my eye is the 3Fold Multi-Use Bag this time in slate grey nappa leather (this stuff is seriously bonkers). Where this bag gets its name from is the ability to be 3 bags in one; a laptop bag, portfolio bag or an overnight bag. Whilst the price seems steep, the quality of Hard Graft’s materials and construction is making this quite a tempting birthday gift to myself.

3. Apartment – A Shirt

My boys at Apartment have just added to their expanding clothing line with a new range of A T-shirts. They’re all organic, and all-too-comfy. I grabbed myself the black/black version for ultimate stealthiness (’cause Jigga told me to) but there’s also some more summer-suitable versions. Check them all out at the Apartment e-store and grab one from there or go and see the boys in-store. Tell ’em twizzy sent ya!

4. Stile Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept

Ok so they’re just renderings, but c’mon Bertone and Alfa Romeo together spells trouble. I’m sure many will hate it, much like they hated the Mantide and the last creation from the marriage of these two companies the BAT 11. I for one loved both of those cars, and from these shots I love this one too. Many concept cars have lost the flair and stupidity that these cars are supposed to represent. Nowadays they’re just a preview of a company’s upcoming sedan with big wheels and LEDs everywhere.

This car however has swagger and doesn’t lack insanity. Hopefully it looks even better once it’s released at the Geneva Auto Show.

5. Samsung Wave

So I’m starting to think I need a new phone. I haven’t bought myself a new cellular device for quite some time, something like 5 years or more. For that time period I survived on hand-me-downs which seem to have done the trick better than investing into new dodgy build quality pieces. But alas, I am finally succumbing to the technological advances in the smart phone arena. The new Samsung Wave looks to be a cracker. On paper the hardware sounds fantastic, 1gHz processor, more RAM than my old computer and that bloody brilliant Super AMOLED screen which seems impervious to sun light. The only question on this bad boy is the software… we’ll see.

6. Common Projects Desert Boot – Warm Grey

Once again I’m reposting something I’ve discussed before. This time though we see this great shoe made from “warm grey” suede and actually being available, even if the price is a bit on the crazy side.

7. HTC Desire

What do you get when you take Google’s Nexus 1 phone and remove the Google-iness? Why that’d be the HTC Desire. What’s even better is it’s coming to Australia in April! The bad news it’s a Telstra exclusive, but that’s manageable. Wonder what the price point is going to be on it though…

8. V8 Supercars Round.1 – Yas Marinas

Best part about this one is it doesn’t cost money. After what feels like years, the V8 Supercar season starts back up. Whilst last week’s QLD Raceway test day was a ball (I always forget how good the cars sound in real life) there is no substitution for racing. This time it all kicks off in the UAE, with the boys racing around the stunning Yas Marinas circuit (sadly a shorter version that that used by F1). Frankly I’m not too happy about it not being televised live (around 2am) as it means I have to tape it and re-watch it after work. Boo!

You can check the whole season calendar at the V8 Supercar website.

9. Waft

Yes it’s a stupid name, yes it’s a stupid book cover, yes it’s a stupid website, and yes the price is nearly stupid. But just look at the cars featured and think about the awesomeness that lies within. You’ll thank me (and someone buy me a copy).

10. A Splendid Endeavour!

Sit down, shutup, turn on HD and watch the brutal elegance that is leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

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+1 for the CP desert boots

hardgraft bag actually looks really good but that y+u is even better

Comment by KC

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