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Happy Snaps from Lightyears Away by Matt
February 15, 2010, 4:33 pm
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It’s no secret that myself and the big T go a bit gooey for anything astronomical. What’s interesting is the amount of effort that goes into capturing images from the deepest realms of the universe. Whilst you could use a multi-billion dollar telescope like Hubble to take a few glamor shots, there are also plenty of amateur astrophotographers around.

Last year Rogelio Bernal Andreo let Wired in on the process he uses to create some amazing shots of nature at work thousands of lightyears away. Check out the article here.

On a more recent note, you may recognise the nebula in this image as the one that we shamelessly use for the blog header (and cards). It’s the Orion Nebula and this particular shot was taken on the new VISTA telescope. What’s even more amazing is the size of the full-resolution file: 341mb!

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Astronomy photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing this one. I have a post about an amateur astronomer taking amazing photos from his shed. Wish I could’ve used a photo in my post but I only had a link to his website instead.

Comment by Macy Cheung

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