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The Boss of Berlin: 15 minutes with Hikmet Sugoer by Matt
February 9, 2010, 9:58 pm
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The man behind one of the most revered and well known sneaker stores in the world (and all-round good guy) graciously gave me a bit of his time to discuss some things that nobody else seems to touch on. Rather than talking about the next collaboration I thought it would be better to talk about something different.

– t, read on…

Hi Hikmet, how are things in Berlin these days?

Snowy and cold… I wish I was in Australia…

First off, shout outs to your brother Suekret! He often doesn’t get a mention but he’s also part of the Solebox dynasty so I thought I’d let him know I appreciate him! He’s kind of like the mysterious brother, possibly the cooler one? Maybe I should be interviewing him instead haha!

It seems he is not a media whore like me ; ). But this is the good thing. We are like Yin and Yang.

It’s been 20 years since the Berlin wall fell, in that time how have you seen the fashion scene change?

To be true in my eyes there is not much changing. I think we people are afraid of going new ways. We are covering old silhouettes, music, styles, colors, etc. I hope we will now start to leave the past as the past and start the future.

I’m assuming you were young at that time, so it must have been an exciting time for you?

I was not really interested in the wall falling. Due to the fact I am born and grown up in Germany as a non-German I knew that the fall of the wall meant more people that were against immigrants. Sad but true.

But now after 20 years it is getting more and more relaxed.

So, what did you wear as a kid then? What did you fiend after?

I was wearing Adi Superstars, Rivalrys, Nike Son of Lava Domes (Escape) and Jordan IVs in kid sizes ; ). I usually had size us7 but the us6.5 without insoles where good too, and they were usually half price.

Now there was a store before the current spot you’re occupying. What happened with that?

The contract was over and we thought to go back to our roots to West Berlin. The place where we were born and grew up. Loved the old shop. Cardboard box shelves, stencil art.

But for the companies it was too underground. (t – The store was literally under ground)




Fast forward to 2010 and your store Solebox is one of the best in the sneaker scene. It might sound silly but did you ever think you would be able to do the things you’ve had access to the last 5 years or so?

Never thought of this. And it was never my aim. I have only done what I have done. I lived my passion: trainers. And be sure it was not an easy way. Today you can open a shop and get the highest account and sell the same stuff like everybody else. Let us see how long this market will be able to carry on like this.

I will do what I have done for years: Loving trainers.

Not many people seem to know that you’re also a fan of fine automobiles, are you still rolling in the Mercedes C63 AMG estate?

Usually I do not talk much about these things, I do not want to feel like showing off. And if you are passionate about something it always sounds like showing off.

I am a big fan of vintage cars. The C63 AMG is my daily drive. German Muscle Car, unbelievable acceleration and sound. And it is a family car at the same time, hehe.

I had some vintage cars in the past: I started with Innocenti Mini, followed by the opposite a ‘69 Mustang Coupe, then a ‘66 Mustang Coupe, a ‘66 Porsche 912 in silver and now I am stuck on a “signalrot” ‘65 Porsche 912. This one I possessed before I opened the shop. Then I had to sell it to get some money for my biz and pay the bills.

And after some years I heard that the buyer of my red 912 was selling the car. I had to buy it back; sadly it cost me some thousand Euros more. But she is back.
912 first series from 1965. The 912 was launched with the 911. The 911 was too expensive, so they decided to produce mainly for the US market the 912. 911 body with a little modified 356 C motor.

I know how hard a question like this is, but can you give us a list of 5 cars that you really love for whatever reasons? (Rather than the impossible-to-decide “Top 5”)

There are tooooo many…Would be great to be Jay Leno’s son ; )

But this is what I would call my Top 5:
Ferrari 250 GTO, 1965 Mustang Fastback (Shelby), Corvette C2 (Stingray), 300 SL Gullwing, 356 Speedster

Even harder, do you have a “dream car”?

One, I have already, it is my 912! So many personal memories and fun.
But my favourite maybe someday reachable car: Mustang Fastback Shelby (1965)

In that vein, I’m going to have to ask you for 5 shoe models that you love?

Same hard question, too many!

May sound diplomatic and self-oriented, but:
Adidas Rod Laver Solebox, New Balance 1500 GGB, Asics Gel Lyte III Solebox, Puma Clyde Solebox and Reebok The Pump Solebox ; )

It’s no secret that you had a falling out with Nike has it discouraged you from dealing with manufacturers?

No, I still love to work with manufacturers. We are still learning a lot in this industry.
I like to speak open and direct. This is not everybody’s cup of tea. But in the end, we all can participate from open words. We are listening to our customers.
Industry is listening to their customers. So we can work with the input to make everything better.




Is there a particular singer/group that you feel people should give a listen to?

Music-wise I am a bit old school. I am a big fan of Curtis Mayfield.

If you weren’t a successful sneaker storeowner, what do you think you would have ended up doing?

A successful loyal sneaker customer maybe, haha.

Windows or Apple?

Both. I work daily with my PC. For video I use my mac.

Megan Fox; Hot or Not?

She is a dick tease.

Not more. I need more on a woman than a body.

Spoken like a true genius! I agree with you mate, she was much hotter before all those face expanding venom injections. Thanks so much Hikmet and all the best to you and the rest of the Solebox family.


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A really good set of questions gents and a damn fine set of answers H!

Comment by llywarch

thx AL, and of course thx to Twizm

Comment by hikmet

protip: megan fox was never hot and never will be.

scarlett johansson all the way mate

Comment by KC

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