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Twizzy’s Top Ten – 05.01.2010 by Matt

Well its been a while but the Top Ten’s back in ’10!

– t

1. UNDFTD adidas Rod Laver Consortium V.2

I spotted these in the UNDFTD lookbook around the time their first version of the Rod Laver dropped and merely dismissed them as a sample. It turns out I was wrong and these lush navy blue suede numbers will be coming to a consortium dealer near you.

2. Pointer Cyril

I’m a fan of the Clarks Desert Boot up to the crepe sole used on them. It’s not to say I’m not digging the crepe, it’s just that heel. Now I know it’s a classic shoe and that’s how its been for years, but I just don’t like the look. Many brands try and fail to recreate the simple feel of the Desert Boot, but Pointer seem to have nailed it without making a carbon copy of Clarks version.

3. Shuky Par Avion

Since I recently acquired my new laptop, I’ve been chasing some sort of protection for when I carry it around. Whilst I’m waiting on a new shipment of Incase backpacks to arrive at Laced, I’m also in the market for a simple sleeve. Of course now I’m a Mac owner I need to have something fancy and artistic to keep up appearances with all the other cool people who use Macs. Anyway, this nifty little piece looks like a manilla folder but it’s actually a sleeve made to fit a 15″ (or 13″) Macbook Pro. Constructed by Shuky in Australia from premium leather it’s both nifty and useful. Click to the pic to purchase one.

4. Bernie & Brabham – The Grand Prix Pirates

Most motorsport fans would know Bernie Eccelstone as the man behind modern day Formula 1, and a bit of a controversial personality to say the least. However it may come as a surprise to know that he used to be a successful team owner. This little article written by renowned motorsport photographer John Brooks provides an insight into the man before he was walking up and down the F1 grid with an entourage of super wealthy business men. Click the picture to read the article.

5. Eric Testroete – Big Head Mode

This one’s a little old, but I saved it to use in this post. 3D artist Eric Testroete went all out with his Halloween (I told you it was old) costume, creating what any avid gamer will recognise as “big head mode” except this one is real! Stuff like this makes me think that there may be hope yet for the human race.

6. Lancier by Dita – LS.001.BLK.G15

What happens when Dita decides to redefine the art of sunglasses? Lancier. 3 models, 3 different versions, 3 different applications. Road, Air, Sea. Liberal use of titanium, quick change arms and a lush leather box that’s big enough for a dead body. Does it get any more awesome? My pick of the bunch is the LS.001 model in black. These babies will be coming to Australia, only a very very few sets will make it across the sea and one will land at Laced. Beware though, retail is going to be $1200us+.

7. Hard Graft Y+U (Macbook Sleeve + Add-On)

Continuing the theme of laptop sleeves, this time coming from Austria, we have the Hard Graft Y+U sleeve. This company was introduced to myself by the asian half of P4. Designed in Austria, hand made in Italy. Does it get much better? The Y+U includes an extra pouch to store other essentials like power cords and whatever else might strike your fancy. Both being held together by one hell of a good looking herringbone elastic strap. If you don’t need the extra room you could always opt for the smaller but possibly handsomer U Macbook Sleeve.

8. Kaweco AL Sport Aluminium Pen

Well I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t have even known about this pen or company if I weren’t browsing Hard Graft’s site. But now I’ve seen it, I must have one! All you really need to know is Kaweco have been making pens for over 125 years, the pen is billet aluminium and they’re made in Germany, ’nuff said.

9. The History of Computer Data Storage

This little chart created by Flickr user Curtis Spontelli really makes you realise how far computer technology has come. In a similar vain created a visual description of how large a petabyte is which you can check out here.

10. Reebok Paris Runner

Simple, good shape, nice colours, great price. The Reebok Paris Runner has a bunch going for it and it could make a nice addition to the summer wardrobe.


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