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Real Japan Blues by Matt
December 29, 2009, 8:47 pm
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I recently discovered this Japanese label by chance while looking for some new denim. Whilst this label does in fact do denim, it was their apparel which caught my eye. The pattern on the lining of the “Pinwheel” jacket appealed to my love of the 50’s misfit and hot rodder fashion. From there things snowballed when I read just how these garments are constructed.

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via Selfedge

The craftsmanship involved puts most of the output of so-called “high fashion” brands to shame. We’re talking selvedge fabrics, hand painted dye patterns and skills that you just no longer see. You may scoff when you see the prices of these pieces, but think about it this way; you’ll pay $150 for a Polo shirt which was made by some kid in a developing country. Do you not think that a garment made by some old craftsman in Japan using extremely labor intensive processes is worth a touch over double that?

Of course I’m not going to rush out and buy everything these guys are selling, but it’s nice to see there’s still some people that appreciate the skill and craft of clothing.

Rather than simply cut and paste the information on each garment straight from the site, I’ll simply link you to each specific page where you can read on about the amazing workmanship put into them.

Pinwheel Check Jacket

Kasuri Shirt (Red & Black)

Black Leather Wallet


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nice post twiz

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jump up on the sufu steez

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omg kiya rocks RJB i needz dem jawnz

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