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Interview #2 – Gusto by Matt
December 2, 2009, 3:11 pm
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You may recall my interview for my mate Julien (aka seioz), mainly because it’s still on the home page! Anyways, continuing his project his next victim is Chris, better known as “gusto”. An ex-pat Aussie who has probably provided half the world with their share of sneakers from the infamous Japanese market (visit his blog for a crap load of shoes for sale). The man is a hustler to boot and has an interesting story. Hit the jump to read his words of wisdom.

– t


Firstname: Chris (aka gusto)

Age: 27

Children: Not yet

Job: Self-employed

Location: Tokyo, Japan



1/ What was you first pair of sneakers? Any nice story to tell about them?

First pair of Nikes I had were some Air Pegasus. They were all white with a little black and purple. Think I would have been about 8 years old. Think some Air Flights were my second pair, followed buy laser blue am93’s and carmine VI’s. I was a fresh kid (joke).



2/ How would you generally describe your relation with sneakers? Would you consider yourself as “addicted”?

I have been in love with sneakers ever since I was a child, I can still remember all the old Nike commercials and trying to convince my Dad into buying me a pair. It started with the runners (pegasus, 180’s, huarache’s, max’s etc) and then moved to Basketball shoes, Flights, Barkleys and of course Jordans. My brother, cousin, and next door neighbour were all crazy too in the early 90’s. They were all older me and were able to buy their own kicks. I can still remember how we were all so envious of my neighbour when he got the air 180’s when they just came out. I guess I would say was really addicted about 8 years ago or so. I even had a collection of skate shoes so that I could always rotate the shoes I was skating in. Things have definently slowed down since then but still have plenty pairs in rotation.



3/ According to you, what are the ingredients for a good shoe?

For me nothing is better than what Nike was doing in the early 90’s. Im a sucker for OG colorways. Ultramarine Huarache Light & Ultramarine 180’s, Persian bw’s, Infrared 90’s, Sream Green Huarache le’s etc. With great shapes, big air units, that was the perfect ingredients for a good shoe in my opinion. I could never get tired looking at those shoes. Its a shame whats happened since then. Nice shoes just get murdered with horrible colorways, and the shapes just seem to keep getting further away from the originals.



4/ How do you feel towards the so-called “sneaker-scene”? How did it evolve over the years?

I’m not sure I can really answer this one but just like anything, you have alot of people come and go and then they are on to the next fad (fixed gear bikes and vans slip ones…). The real sneaker heads have it in their blood.



5/ What is the sneaker brand you’re giving most interest in at the moment & why?

NIKE, NIKE, NIKE. I am strictly a Nike head. I bought a pair of MT580 NB’s once, the stussy mad hectic ones. I couldn’t find the stussy huarache le’s in my size at the time and thought the NB would have to make do. Took them out the box, tried them on, then put them back in the box and sold them lol. I just cant look down to non-Nike kicks. I even skate in Nike. The only non Nike shoe I have love for are Shelltoe’s. The way Joey Bast and Drake Jones wore them in the old skate vids just looked sooo dope.



6/ Which shoe that you’ve bought was the hardest to get & how did it occur?

Actually beleive or not, the only shoe I ever had trouble finding was in fact not a Nike shoe lol. Navy on white Shelltoe, white shoe with navy toe box, navy midsole and navy stripes. They must have been hella cheap to buy them in the U.S back in the day because the skaters use to skate the f–k out of them!! I use to watch the skate vids thinking that if I could ever get my hands on a pair, I would never dare to skate in them lol. I finally found a pair about 2 years ago in Osaka, unfortunately not my correct size but I still had to buy them.



7/ What is your current sneakers top 5 (shoes you either already have or would wish to)?

Hmm, that’s a really tough one. Don’t think I can narrow it down to 5 but some of my favourites in no particular order would have to be – am90 Infrared, Air Jordan III True Blue, AirJordan VI Blk/Infrared & Carmine, Huarache Light Ultramarine, Ultramarine 180, Stussy Huarache Le collabs, 2001 Stussy Dunk High Collabs (the ostrich and the snake) Atlanta and persian classic bw’s… sh-t I could go on and on…



8/ Putting sneakers aside, what are your main interests/passions? How do you spend your time? Anything you’d like to make us discover?

If I aint infront of the computer or out hunting for sneakers, I usually spend my spare time skateboarding if im not hanging out with the Mrs. Like to do alot of eating out, enjoying all the nice resturants that Japan has to offer, not to mention all the shoping too. There is always something going on in Tokyo.



Thanks to Julien and Chris for providing us with the interview!

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