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Brisbane Status Update – Food to the Rescue! by Taz

After nearly being bored to death by the immensely overrated Where the Wild Things Are, the most recent field trip into the BNE was salvaged by good food. It seems that nothing matters when you have something tasty to slide down your gullet.

There was also an impromptu visit to the newly opened Culture Kings and catchup with our friends at Apartment. We had a go at snapping some pics at Apartment but weren’t happy with the results so we’ll bring you a proper pile of shots next time we’re around that neck of the woods. Culture Kings on the other hand… we’ll leave you to make up your own minds about why we wont be featuring them on this site.

Food pics ensue after the jump.

– P4

Little Singapore – Sunny Bank Hills

Gotta love Asians and their random cartoon characters, this lemon ice tea was made more awesome by the mob of badass ice cube gangsters on the lid.

First up was Roti with Chicken Curry. This had the tell tale signs of a good curry with a nice ripple of oil on top and really fragrant and just the sort of stuff that makes you over eat, awesomely tasty finger food that you simply cannot eat too much of, but that didn’t stop big T from polishing it off.

The big T decided to dig into the misleadingly named Dry Noodles with Chicken and Prawns, which turned out to be anything but dry and was a text book noodle and broth dish, not worth trying to be frank.

Meanwhile the smaller brethren opted for the Singapore Style Fried Fish, which is basically like the KFC of the sea. Although a bit lacking on its own the sweet chilli sauce was too sweet adn syrupy but the dish was rescued by some nice Pickled Chillis and Sambal. Mainly I was just glad I didn’t have those lame dry noodles.

Freestyle Tout – West End

To round out the evening we headed to Freestyle Tout in the Westend for a G&T and the Sorbet Supremo which actually kicked arse, even with the somo aura of 2 dudes sharing a sorbet desert.

All-in-all, aside from the bitter disappointment of the movie, a chilled night filled with good food and conversation. Now time to get prepped for next Saturday with the release of the Skippy New Balance at Laced and Sneak and Destroy’s One Offs show. Now that should be entertaining.


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loveee! little singapore!
their salty fish fried rice is the best..
i’m just suprised you drove from indro to sunnybank then out to west end!!

you should hit up Mehfil at upper mt. gravatt village. they have an awesome Thali and Dosa

Comment by KC

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