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Twizzy’s Top Ten – Motorsport Series: Chapter 1 by Matt
November 2, 2009, 2:08 pm
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As I find it harder and harder to get excited about anything newly released that’s clothing/footwear related, I felt it would be cool to start doing themed Top Ten posts. I’ll kick it off with the “Motorsport Series”, with the first entry being on the best championships that I have found from what gets televised here. Hit le jump for the rundown.

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1. NASCAR – National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

This particular series seems to polarise motorsport snobs. It seems like people are too good to enjoy the good ol’ boys doing their thing most weekends. Whilst there are some faults (having a cookie-cutter body shape with headlight stickers on a “stock car” is quite ironic) the series seems to never disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Whether it’s the over-exuberant commentators, the super patriotic pre-race programme or the bumpin’ and rubbin’ out on the track, there’s usually no lack of things going on in a NASCAR race. Some of the tracks can be dull (like an 800m long bowl!), there isn’t any love lost once we hit the bigger ovals or a (rare) road course. These guys seem to do wonders with these highly sophisticated low-tech beasts. You can’t say you’re a motorsport fan until you’ve watched bump-drafting at 320km/h+… So strap yourselves in, pull those belts tight one more time, boogidy boogidy boogidy, lets go racin’ boys!

2. V8 Supercars

Red hot and bogan to the bone! The V8 Supercars have the sound, the smell and the racing. Unlike many touring car series’ around the world, the V8SC seems to have maintained a semblance of dignity. The drivers still get out there and bash each other around, and there’s very little of this ‘don’t hit the same manufacturer’ nonsense. There are many nay-sayers, but to them I say get over it and enjoy one of the last honest large-scale championships around. Up there with WTCC for pure race aggression and entertainment.

3. Formula D – Formual Drift

This may be a quite unusual choice when comparing it to the more ‘traditional’ series that surround it in this list, but hear me out… Where else would you expect to find Mustangs, Corvettes, NASCAR powered Scions, Hyundais, Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Chryslers, Dodges, Mazdas and Lexus’ (Lexi?) fighting it out by firing around courses sideways with smoke bellowing through the air? For pure entertainment you can’t deny the appeal of drifting, and dare I say it, the American Formula Drift championship is much more appealing than the Japanese D1GP. Although you may argue the the Japanese have the driver skill, for outright diversity of vehicles and all around feel, the Americans seem to have beaten the Japanese at their own game. It’s one of the very few motorsport series left where it’s still possible for a talented driver to take his own car and show up the factory backed boys as well.

4. DTM – Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (German Touring Car Masters)

Easily the most advanced touring cars in the world. Just look at these things, they’re works of art! Don’t be fooled by their outrageous looks though, the racing is (somewhat surprisingly) very weak. You could almost say it’s very “German”. The sport seems to be even more marque based than the V8 Supercars, with basically a bunch of Audis with different stickers racing a bunch of Mercedes. Very little hard racing is had, and the cars seem extremely fragile. Somewhat of an anti-climax after seeing what the cars look like.

5. F1 – FIA Formula 1 World Championship

Not much to say here really. Arguably the best drivers, the best cars and the best tracks in the world. Add to this the most money, the best technological minds and a good dose of and on/off-track drama and you have the Formula 1 World Championship. Whilst it can be argued that the racing can be a bit processional at times, the championships have come close to the wire the last few years so something must be working.

6. ALMS/LMS – American Le Mans Series / Le Mans Series

Similar series, yet run differently. The European Le Mans Series doesn’t seem to be as readily available to Australian viewers at the moment but hopefully that changes soon. Traditionally this is where Audi and Peugeot have fought outside of the 24 Heurs Du Mans, albeit for slightly less glory. Outside of that epic race, the American series hosts the infamous Corvette Racing team, possibly the coolest racing team in the industry. Much like FIA GT, the ALMS/LMS series are split into categories. Prototypes are P1/P2, and the GT cars are (like in FIA GT) GT1/GT2.

7. FIA GT Championship

This is where the cars of your dreams come to play. Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, Saleen and all other exotics battle it out on some of the greatest tracks in Europe over a 2-driver platform, with cars split into the categories of GT1 (500hp) and GT2 (400hp) with technical regulations seperating them. Whilst the racing isn’t as close as other tin-top series, it’s not always nice between them. The crown jewel of this series is by far the famous Spa 24 hours, where the drivers and teams gruel it out around the brilliant Spa Francorchamps.

8. WRC – FIA World Rally Championship

Probably the most respected drivers in the world, even the guys in F1 are amazed by the skills of drives in the WRC. Most recently marred by the drying up sponsorship money, there are only really 2 manufacturers in the series at the moment; Citroen and Ford. Much like F1 during the Schumacher years, WRC seems to be struggling with the fact that Sebastian Loeb has dominated the championship, winning a record breaking 6 times. Although this year was quite close with Ford rival Miko Hirvonnen. You can’t ever get sick of seeing hi-tech turbo hatchbacks flying through dusty deserts one week and muddy forests or icy tarmac the next.

9. BTCC – British Touring Car Championship

Although not a patch on its glory years from the late 90’s, the BTCC still provides a decent series. Using a similar platform to WTCC, the BTCC showcases alot of British tracks that usually are overlooked by the international audience. Oddly enough though, the racing isn’t nearly as aggressive as the WTCC. With that said though, there is still some close rubbing and bumping, and some of the short tracks offer some great footage of the nimble little saloons darting around all over the road.

10. WTCC – FIA World Touring Car Championship

Throw some of the world’s best touring car drivers into nimble, small displacement sedans and hatchbacks and let them loose on some great European tracks. Featuring one of the most diverse mixes of cars from all over the world, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, diesel, petrol, turbocharged and naturally aspirated. This series features some of the most aggressive racing you’re sure to see. The sound of those little 3 series BMWs screaming away is brilliant.


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