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Hell Yeah! Issue 01 by Matt
October 23, 2009, 8:58 pm
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The ladies at Hell Yeah! Magazine have been putting their nose to the grindstone and are finally looking to pump out issue #1 this summer. It’s free too, so even poorbies like myself can afford it!

We hope the girls kill it, they’re doing what the hell they want (pun intended) and we can relate. Get on board!

– t

Hit the jump to read what the Hell Yeah! crew have to say about this momentous occasion.

Welcome to Hell…

Hell Yeah! is a new, free, quarterly Aussie mag for anyone out there who’s into art, music, rabble rousing, fashion and everything in between. Unlike other free glossies currently in rotation throughout Australia, Hell Yeah! is uniquely focused towards street culture and all underground subcultures, an area that’s often talked about but widely un-catered for. Our magazine will feature un-PC, no-holds-barred, raw social commentary; 100% stiletto and anorexic model free; interviews with cats from all over the world and what’s going on in the art, music and design scenes that’s got people in the know talking, thrown in with a good measure of humor, sarcasm and shit-stirring. Basically we’re going to let you in on all the dope shit that’s going on here, there and everywhere. And to enlighten y’all in-between issues, we’ll also be blogging regularly from right here!

“So when and where can I get the first issue of Hell Yeah?” the children scream. Well kids, the first issue is dropping this December and you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy from selected clothing, sneaker, skate and records stores and from that mate of yours, Eugene, who’s always filling you in on the stuff you should have known about all along.

In the meantime, make sure you peep our website and facebook on the regular. Magic happens everyday at Hell Yeah!

Love from your new special friends,

The Hell Yeah! Team

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FYI – Looks like is ripping without crediting. :(

Comment by Anon

Its all love

Comment by Taz

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